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Accounting Reconciliation

UiPath and JD Edwards

In the industry of manufacturing, processing work orders can take significant time away from the departments that oversee them. Through RPA, pairing UiPath and JD Edwards for accounting automation can expedite this process for JD Edwards users.

UiPath and JD Edwards for Accounting Automation

In the manufacturing industry, work order processing is a monthly mainstay that takes up significant time in accounting departments. This results in misses deadlines, human error and frustrated employees. On average, processing 150-200 work orders can easily take 50 hours a month, on top of an already strenuous work load no less.

What if there was a way to automate this process, and alleviate this strain from the various accounting departments that use JD Edwards? Through UiPath technology, our RPA experts have integrated a proven automated system that reduces a 50 hour work process into just 5 seconds, all producing an easy to read output for accounting personnel.

UiPath and JD Edwards for accounting automation

Smartbridge is a UiPath Partner

In this video, Consultant Raul Pena demonstrates an RPA integration that eliminates hours of manual processing for accountants using JD Edwards. 

Put RPA to Work in Your Business

Our specialists will lead you through your automation journey to create a future-state automation strategy and road map. Through our partnership with UiPath, we integrate the following tools into your companies strategy:

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Leave the mundane tasks to the bots. Don’t wait to automate your standard business practices.

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