The RPA Journey of 4 Leading Brands:

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

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While investment in RPA has grown explosively over the past few years, the reality is that it’s unfamiliar to many. Even businesses that are convinced of RPA’s benefits find implementation challenging.

In partnership with RPA Today and interviews conducted by Steve Casco, we deep dive into the RPA journey of 4 leading brands: each of their CIOs’ RPA beginning experiences, their respective RPA use cases and case studies, and key lessons learned from their implementations.

In this instant download, you’ll learn about:

  • Evolving Business Strategies

  • The Beginning of the Automation Wave

  • The Tale of 4 RPA Beginnings: Hines, Weingarten, Whataburger, and Texas Department of Information Resources

  • 4 Case Studies: Initial & Future Projects

  • RPA Journey Best Practices

  • Why an RPA Partner is Key

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Featured RPA Use Cases and Case Studies:

RPA use cases

rpa use case finance

RPA use cases

rpa use case user provisioning

RPA use cases

rpa use case accounting

RPA use cases
rpa use cases


peed is critical in our organization. You have a small window of time to get a proof-of-concept done, train, get budget for a pilot, and operationalize. We needed a partner that would treat us as a priority and get us ready to fly fast.”

Krishna Edathil, Director of Enterprise Solution Services at Texas Department of Information Resources

rpa use cases