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Streamline tasks and paperless processes with Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate is a tool that helps users create workflows between desired applications to synchronize files, get notifications, and collect data. This intelligent, cloud-based solution uses triggers and actions to create chain reactions within a workflow so that repetitive, manual, time-consuming tasks are accomplished without human intervention. Here are some features of the Power Automate platform:

Microsoft Power Automate
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  • Button flows: Run repetitive tasks while being mobile

  • Automated workflows: Perform tasks without hesitation

  • Scheduled flows: Trigger processes on a schedule

  • Business process flows: A streamlined process with guidance and security

  • User interface flows: Automate repetitive tasks using interface actions (involves robotic process automation)

Microsoft + Softmotive for low-code RPA solutions

Softmotive, a global provider of a robotic process automation(RPA) technology, was acquired by Microsoft in May 2020. By pairing the desktop automation capabilities of Softmotive with the Power Automate platform, automation adopters can jump-start their initiatives to streamline their repetitive processes. Here’s how it works:

Through RPA, automation triggers are enabled in the platform through a capability called UI Flows. Through UI Flows, UI-based automation capabilities are conjoined with the Power Automate platform (both in the cloud and on premise) to help users streamline repetitive, rule-based tasks within their processes. Step by step actions, such as mouse clicks, data entry and keyboard use, can be further processed into intelligent data through platform recording for further use.

Smartbridge and Power Platform Solutions

Citizen integrators and IT decision makers are the main audiences suitable for Power Automate usage. Smartbridge can help these users quickly identify areas in their business processes that are candidates for automation. Further, because Microsoft Power Automate is an advanced integration tool, it can be connected to over 100 out-of-the-box data sources such as Google Sheets, Twitter, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, and OneDrive.

Smartbridge has a variety of breadth within Microsoft Power Platform solutions such as Power BI, Power Apps, and Microsoft Power Automate.

Smartbridge has a breadth of client-based expertise in the Power BI ecosystem to enable both enterprise data and analytic programs.

We leverage Power Apps with hundreds of other data source connectors to manage business data and reveal unevident insights.

Through Power Automate, we help organizations achieve their automation goals to streamline rule-based and mundane processes.

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