Download our extensive Microsoft Power Automate Playbook

A playbook to guide you through successfully developing an automation culture with Microsoft Power Automate

Version 2 now available!

In this instant download of Smartbridge’s “Power Automate Adoption Framework“, you’ll get a high-level overview of:

  • Power Automate Skills Maturity
  • Operational Analytics
  • Best Practices and Guidance
  • As well as a look at what the full framework covers

Power Automate is a low to no-code tool that can help automate repetitive, rule-based tasks. Our extensive, research-based framework is designed for the organic skillset growth of your people, maturity of your business processes, and modernization of your technology.

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Power Automate Playbook

The Smartbridge playbook for Microsoft Power Automate adoption is a summarized, yet exhaustive template that will provide your organization with a detailed primer to initiate makers, champions, and admins into Power Automate.

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Smartbridge is a certified Microsoft Cloud AI Partner with Data & AI and Digital & App Innovation Solution Designations. that can help you anywhere along your Power Automate journey. Whether you need to get started on the right foot or are looking to wrangle your workflows, we’re here for you.