RPA for Sales and Marketing

In the realm of sales and marketing, maintaining an accurate database of customer information is critical for cultivating, nurturing and retaining customer relationships. Often in business, CRM databases are one of the most cross-functional tools across departments, which makes them more prone to human error. Automating your CRM system through a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) integration, such as Salesforce, takes the manual human tasks out of the equation, eliminating errors that strain customer relationships.

What’s the Impact?

Within the sales and marketing functional space, RPA adoption can reduce mundane and repetitive tasks by nearly 80%. A RPA implementation within your sales and marketing CRM system can play a vital role in customer service practices for both B2B and B2C organizations. Customer centers or sales-engaging departments can keep track of everything happening in the customer life cycle, and it will always reference up-to-date information in the process.

Robotic Process Automation makes customer case management easy within your CRM system. You can automate the input of customer data such as quotes, notes, and order/shipment tracking, which frees up time for account managers and sales teams. Contract management is also a candidate for automation within a CRM system. Document expiration dates can be tracked with RPA bots, and it can automatically trigger notifications to parties involved in the sales cycle.

Time Saved Daily

Our global restaurant group client automated sales reports and established a RPA Center of Excellence. The ROI averaged out to a 65% reduction of time spent daily across reporting for the two restaurant brands and their 43,000 locations.

Streamlining Sales and Marketing Efforts

  • Reduce human error
  • Save time on data entry
  • Increase customer retention
  • Eliminate confusion across sales channels

RPA and CRM Integration Examples

  • Customer Credit Reports: Credit reports can be automatically be pulled for new customers and auto-populated for existing ones.

  • Escalating Customer Issues: Business rules can be put in place within your CRM system that escalate customer account issues.

  • Automate Suspensions/Rejections: Suspension or rejection notices can be expedited to sales and accounting teams, all free of human interaction.

  • Data Entry: Data entry efforts can be automated upon customer interaction, ensuring the next representative receives updated information on each client.

Microsoft Power Automate listing on AppSource
Microsoft Power Automate listing on AppSource

Microsoft Power Automate Implementation for Sales & Marketing

Smartbridge offers competitive pricing to launch your first Sales or Marketing bot with Power Automate.

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RPA for Sales Demos, Use Cases and Resources

As UiPath and Microsoft Power Automate implementation partners and resellers, we’ve gained extensive experience implementing RPA into the CRM systems of enterprise-level organizations. Explore our insights below to see our solutions in action.

Smartbridge is a Salesforce Partner

Smartbridge Salesforce certified experts are backed by decades of experience implementing and maintaining core enterprise systems.

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