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Identify, Assess, and Automate

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are your current business processes meeting your organizational goals? If not, how are those processes carried out? Automation is an important pillar in digital transformation. Organizations must consider enhancing existing back-end processes with intelligent automation to gain a competitive edge. Through the lens of an RPA strategy, Smartbridge assesses, identifies, and prioritizes processes fit for automation.

Smartbridge leads with educational workshops, interviews, and technical assessments to identify automation opportunities. By partnering with us, we use best practices to design and establish an RPA strategy that actively promotes, nurtures, and provide continuous automation success, creating a lasting positive impact on your organization.

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RPA Strategy Methodology

Smartbridge uses our tried-and-tested strategy and assessment model to define your strategy for an automation deployment. Utilizing our RPA strategy methodology, we build a roadmap focused on your specific business outcomes tied to your overall organization’s strategy.

RPA strategy

01 Discover Identify RPA opportunities to drive efficiencies and productivity

02 Assess Assess current state and identify automation gaps in business and IT

03 Define Future Establish the supply and demand then develop RPA strategies to fill gaps and define future state

04 Prioritize Create opportunities prioritization model using cost benefit analysis

05 Roadmap Design identified opportunities roadmap based on prioritization

06 Execute Implement RPA strategy and deploy automations

Smartbridge is the intelligent automation partner you’re looking for.

Through proper education and process assessments, our automation specialists will help you begin your automation journey with a future-state, start-to-finish RPA strategy.

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