RPA for Customer Service

Customer service is perhaps the most popular (and longstanding) function for RPA implementations. Chatbots, voice assistance devices and automated call centers are a few examples of how software automation has transformed the face of customer support. However, taking a more holistic approach to automating customer service initiatives can not only streamline other aspects of this function, but enhance the user experience altogether.

What’s the Impact?

With automated customer service being a mainstay in many businesses, the focus on front and back-end user experience has fallen by the wayside. At the organizational level, this is especially true for consultants and call centers, which use various applications when assessing and addressing a customers unique needs.

For example, an employee assisting a customer with a problem or need will likely have to shift between multiple channels and platforms, shifting focus away from the customer and ultimately lowering productivity (not to mention wasting time). The same is true for the post-engagement wrap up. With RPA taking over the manual tasks encompassing this engagement, the employee can focus solely on the customer’s needs.


of customers get data from 3 or more channels for a single transaction, and inconsistency across these channels is the leading cause of poor customer experience.

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Streamlining Customer Service Operations

  • Reduce call volume by 50%
  • Improve first contact resolution and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce training time and costs
  • Strengthen customer retention

RPA Use Cases for Customer Service

  • Chatbots: Chatbots can fulfill customer service requests instantly and become more transactional through RPA technology.
  • Self-Service: RPA provides customers with a self-service option by allowing back-end application access.
  • Sign-in Process: Using RPA, customers can have secure access to create and maintain their personal login credentials.

  • Enforcing Security Measures: Through RPA, security is less prone to human error, which enforces compliance and improves quality.

Microsoft Power Automate listing on AppSource
Microsoft Power Automate listing on AppSource

Microsoft Power Automate Implementation for Customer Service

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RPA for Customer Service
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As UiPath and Power Automate implementation partners and resellers, we’ve gained extensive experience implementing RPA into the processes of enterprise-level customer service departments. Explore our insights below to see our solutions in action.

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