RPA for Operations

Today, various businesses are digitizing vital parts of their operations, which entails failing fast through an agile work environment. Perhaps the most important element in producing operational efficiency is empowering your workforce through innovative ideologies, and assessing aspects of your operational processes for automation candidates.

What’s the Impact?

The impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on business operations is virtually unlimited, expanding its dynamic reach between various industries like food service and manufacturing. Operations managers can manipulate RPA to create workarounds, circumvent processes, and re-engineer system work. RPA can also be used as a tool to empower staff to identify candidates for automation and try new ideas to fix perennial problems.

Domino’s Pizza is an example of an organization that used automation technologies to increase the experience of both back-office employees and customers. With new efficiencies like in-store kiosks, real-time order tracking, and virtual order assistants (DOM), the customer experience was optimized while back-of-house operations were streamlined.

Time Saved Per Process

One of our restaurant groups automated their weekly inventory audit process as well as applicable sales discounts for the day on their variety of products.

Digitizing Operational Efficiencies

  • Ignite innovation, reduce stagnancy
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Digitize time-sensitive processes
  • Introduce hyperautomation

RPA Use Cases in Operations

  • Customer Ordering: Customers and vendors can place/track orders through self-service help options and unique credentials.

  • Manufacturing: Manufacturers must juggle labor and various time-intensive processes such as inventory, procurement and customer communication, all which can be automated.

  • Sales and Orders: Sales operations encompass tasks like CRM data entries and ERP accounting updates, both candidates for automation.

  • Food Service: Restaurants are constantly met with the pressure to innovate front and back-of-house operations to ensure their product is desired in the right medium.

Microsoft Power Automate listing on AppSource
Microsoft Power Automate listing on AppSource

Microsoft Power Automate Implementation for Operations

Smartbridge offers competitive pricing to launch your first operations bot with Power Automate.

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RPA for Operations Case Studies, Demos, and Resources

As UiPath and Power Automate implementation partners and resellers, we’ve gained extensive experience implementing RPA into the processes of enterprise-level operations departments. Explore our insights below to see our solutions in action.

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