RPA for Accounts Receivable Processes

In this video demonstration, consultant Dallas Locke walks us through the setup, running and results of using UiPath RPA for accounts receivable processes.

The accounts receivable processes that exist in financial departments often encompass various manual tasks – most of which are subject to human error, hours of lost time and potential client frustration. However, by leveraging RPA for accounts receivable processes, these procedures can be completely automated from start to finish, resulting in multiple hours saved in accounting/finance teams.

Using robotic process automation to streamline accounts receivable processes offers various benefits, such as:

  • Extracting information from vendor invoices and purchase orders automatically.

  • Automate payment validation and reconciliation while staying notified of key details.

  • Respond and track changing compliance mandates while maintaining accurate reporting.

Smartbridge is a proud UiPath silver partner

In this video, Smartbridge consultant Dallas Locke will demonstrate how these benefits are obtainable by implementing UiPath RPA for accounts receivable processes.

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Synopsis of the bot process

Bot reads data from the input files

Data is uploaded to the queue

Data is pulled from the same queue

A notification is sent via email

The team is notified of details

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Our team of RPA experts are backed by years of experience implementing robotic process automation into the processes of enterprise-level organizations. Within the realm of accounting especially, we’ve had hands-on experience in multiple areas of the space, such as:

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