RPA for Accounting and Finance Processes

Though Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is making a sweeping impact on businesses across the board, there are certain industries and functions that are more susceptible for a software automation implementation. Accounting and finance, encompassing various manual and repetitive processes, is one of the major automation-prone business functions today.

What’s the Impact?

Between payroll processing, invoices, procurement, and reporting, various mundane tasks bog down accounting and finance departments on a daily basis. This significantly hinders human capital and innovative thinking within these departments and makes repetitive tasks more susceptible to human error.

An RPA implementation can close the financial digitization gaps present within many organizations, reducing employee turnover and costs while increasing ROI. An implementation also enables the accounting and finance team to play a part in your RPA Center of Excellence (CoE), which is especially impactful for customer-facing department representatives.

Time Saved
Cost Savings

Our fast-food franchise, restaurant client automated these key accounting functions across their 800+ stores:

  • Financial reconciliation processes
  • Digital sales process
  • Accounts receivable statements

Digitizing Accounting and Finance Operations

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Maintain compliance
  • Ignite innovation by reducing stagnancy

RPA Use Cases for Accounting and Finance Automation

  • Invoice Processing: Extract information from vendor invoices and purchase orders without human intervention.

  • Payment Processing: Automate payment validation and reconciliation while staying notified of all important details.

  • Customer Onboarding: Automate the process of onboarding new customer data such as forms, invoices, and sales orders.

  • Tracking Compliance Mandates: Respond and track changing compliance mandates while maintaining accurate reporting.

Microsoft Power Automate listing on AppSource
Microsoft Power Automate listing on AppSource

Microsoft Power Automate Implementation for Accounting & Finance

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RPA for Accounting and Finance

Case Studies, Use Cases, & Resources

As UiPath and Power Automate implementation partners and resellers, we’ve gained extensive experience implementing RPA into the processes of enterprise-level accounting and finance departments. Explore our insights below to see our solutions in action.

RPA Case Study for AP Invoices Automation

Read about the RPA journey of 4 leading brands:

  • Each of their CIOs’ RPA beginning experiences
  • Our clients’ respective RPA use cases and case studies
  • Best practices & key lessons learned from their implementations

RPA Use Cases & Demos for Accounting and Finance Functions

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