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RPA for Government

The current wave of intelligent automation offers significant opportunities for government to improve the way it conducts business. It has the potential to reduce manual, repetitive tasks which allows government to spend more time on mission-critical activities.

What’s the Impact?

Between manual data entry, document processing, security compliance, and information requests, government agencies have many applications for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Intelligent automation provides flexible technology that works with legacy, cloud, and hybrid systems to complete and optimize complex government tasks.

Government agencies are adopting automation at a rapid pace to reduce hours spent on repetitive tasks, freeing up their employees to work on higher-value activities. The federal government has even formed a RPA Community of Practice to help guide agencies and accelerate the implementation of automation.


The Federal RPA CoP conducted detailed maturity assessments with 23 government RPA programs and found a 195% increase in annualized hours saved by automations deployed from FY19 to FY20.

The Federal RPA Community of Practice (CoP)

Digitizing Public Sector Operations

  • Reduce time spent on data entry
  • Streamline inquiries
  • Simplify invoicing
  • Analyze contracts
  • Data validation

Practical Applications for RPA in Government

  • Security, Compliance, and Governance: Agencies must ensure their systems are meeting ever-changing data requirements and laws.

  • Processing Documents: Processing documents manually can take hours away from an employee’s precious time, especially if the files are unique in nature. Text analytic automation can significantly streamline this process.

  • Provide Scale to Contact Centers: With RPA, information requests can be streamlined, service tickets automated, and integrated chatbots can assist in responding to community questions.

  • Telework Enablement: When working remotely, agencies must provide secure access, VPN and/or RSA tokens, and reset passwords.

rpa for government

RapidAutomate for Immediate ROI

RapidAutomate enables agencies to eliminate the upfront investment in hardware and software and realize the benefits of automation much faster than traditional licensing models.

RapidAutomate Service for Government

rpa for government

As an official UiPath reseller to the State of Texas and local government agencies, this unique RapidAutomate program helps Texas agencies accelerate their RPA journey by avoiding the HW/SW bottlenecks to quickly launch the program. The 3-month pilot program is limited to use cases in order to obtain funding for an agency-wide RPA adoption and deployment.

RapidAutomate is ‘UiPath in a box’ to help your agency quickly launch RPA proofs-of-concept and limited-time pilots. This pilot solution includes:

  • UiPath RPA software platform –for developing POCs and pilots (up to 2 pilots per agency) includes Cloud Orchestrator, 1 Unattended Bot, 1 Attended Bot Assistant, 1 Development Studio
  • RPA Development standards
  • Development assistance for POCs
  • RPA Development basics education session (1 day). Advanced sessions or customized agency sessions can be provided at extra cost

RPA for Texas State Agencies

Learn from our experts what RPA is, how it works, where it can be used, lessons learned, and best practices that help ensure successful integrations for state agencies.

Our RPA experts can help you identify opportunities for automation.