Financial Reconciliation Process Automation for a Fast-Food Franchise

The Client

A major fast-food franchise restaurant brand needed to get a handle on key financial reconciliation processes across their 800+ stores.

The Project Scope

They were already experienced with UiPath Community Edition, but they wanted to take robotic process automation (RPA) to the next level by automating 2 key financial processes:

EMPLOYEES: 43,000+
INDUSTRY: Food Service
  • Automate manual, multi-step, franchise digital sales reconciliation processes that are performed daily and involve multiple departments

  • Automate the creation of franchise accounts receivable statement processes that involve manually generating statements in Excel and adding invoice information to the statement

At the same time, they recognized the importance of designing and establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) for better governance of RPA. Something that will encourage continued bot deployments and hyperautomation.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in restaurant technology innovation

The Smartbridge Solution

The RPA program launched by Smartbridge was executed successfully as we worked through each of these important milestones:

  • Educated the senior leadership team and defined the automation roadmap

  • Designed, installed, and configured infrastructure to build and deploy bots

  • Developed bots to automate the franchise digital sales process, accounts receivable statements, and invoice distribution without manual intervention

  • Configured two UiPath environments one of non-production and another production

The technology stack incorporated into the automations included:

Ui Path RPA Automation
Blackline RPA Automation
Oracle RPA Automation
Netezza RPA Automation
Sharepoint RPA Automation

A look at the process for the automation of franchise digital sales process and accounts receivable statements:

Financial Reconciliation Process Automation

A look at the financial reconciliation process automation for franchise digital sales:

Financial Reconciliation Process Automation

Success Through a Modernized Implementation

The results have been astonishing. Both processes are now experiencing a time savings ROI of 85% and saving $60,000 per year.

The restaurant brand now has an enterprise-wide RPA platform installed and configured to deploy additional bots with the hopes to evolve into hyperautomation. With the CoE guidelines established, the playbook ensures they can identify the right processes and deploy successfully.

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