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Smartbridge partners with UiPath, a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation

UiPath is a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. Their innovations are recognized as saving millions of dollars and hours by Fortune 500 companies.

Smartbridge has partnered with UiPath for over 6 years because we found that companies of all sizes can realistically achieve significant value when deploying UiPath bots. Deployments of RPA across SMBs, large and enterprise companies don’t have to be company-wide, either. We have personally deployed attended and unattended bots within departments or lines of business to simply eradicate one very time-intensive business process. Within months we have seen tens of thousands of dollars saved, and hundreds of hours reallocated to more meaningful work.

With the UiPath Partner Program, Smartbridge is empowered to help our customers integrate their technology solutions and business processes with UiPath. Smartbridge will extract significant additional value in processes and enable entirely new levels of productivity through automation.

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The Benefits of UiPath + Smartbridge

As an end-to-end RPA service provider with years of implementation experience, Smartbridge helps our customers integrate RPA solutions and business processes with UiPath technologies. Clients obtain increased value in enterprise processes and enable entirely new levels of productivity through automation.

Ui Path Robotic Process Automation RPA

“The UiPath Services Network program has allowed us to take our partnership and RPA service offerings to the next level. A great deal of trust and standard is encompassed in this alliance, and we don’t take that lightly.”

Sanat Nileshwar, Smartbridge RPA Practice Director

Smartbridge is also recognized within the ranks of the UiPath Services Network (USN) program – an elite coalition of RPA service partners equipped and accredited with advanced delivery skills on par with UiPath professional standards. 

As requirement to be an USN partner, Smartbridge offers a wide range of skill sets, provides best-practice references to customers, and delivers automation solutions that encompass RPA at scale. This designation also entrusts USN partners to provide comprehensive training to businesses seeking further guidance in their RPA journeys.

UiPath Products and Services

  • Proof of Concepts – POC delivery for a variety of back-office functions. Learn more here >

  • Natural Language Processing – Pairing RPA with text analytic functions. Learn more here>

  • Hyperautomation – Using RPA to streamline end-to-end processes. Learn more here >

Breadth of RPA Expertise

Ideation & Strategy

Identify automation opportunities and establish RPA journey roadmaps.

Process Analysis

Analyze and identify business processes for automation candidates.


Establish your RPA architecture through best practice capabilities.


Apply advanced analytics methodologies to monitor/measure bots.

Center of Excellence

Establishing governance, implement best practices and train your team.

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UiPath Marketplace

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