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During times of great change being able to drive value is paramount. In the wake of industry and technology disruption, RPA brings significant value and return on investment to finance, supply chain, operations, human resources, marketing, sales, customer services, and audit.

With an RPA implementation, Smartbridge enables organizations to operate more efficiently by streamlining repetitive, mundane tasks. This allows employees to focus on meaningful work and accomplish more strategic, creative tasks.

With less manual work and an automation in place, time spent on duplication and errors decrease while data accuracy, employee satisfaction, and customer service will be greatly boosted.


Keys to a Successful RPA Implementation

The success of your RPA implementation is contingent on two essential components.

First, the best automation technology for your organizational needs and an experienced partner to bring it all together. This includes implementation and establishment of a governance framework. Smartbridge uses best practices to deliver a sustained automation program that actively promotes, nurtures, and delivers continuous automation successes that creates a lasting positive impact on your organization.

Second, adopting an agile methodology for RPA. An agile approach reduces risks, speeds delivery and business value payback. Smartbridge uses Sprint 0 to focus on workshops to decompose the process and develop Process Definition Documents (PDD). Process backlogs are created and updated throughout Sprints. As new requirements are discovered, they are incorporated and addressed during the Sprints. Automations are delivered during the Sprints vs all the end of a waterfall approach; thus, speeding delivery and business value payback.

Successful implementation of Intelligent Automation can improve output quality levels by 35%.

Source: Research Business Technographics®, Forrester


Smartbridge partners with the top leading automation vendors, UiPath and Microsoft Power Automate, to bring your automation strategy to life and ensures the most successful RPA implementation for your investment.

UiPath USN partner
Microsoft Power Automate partner

RPA Implementation Impact

Amongst our clients, Smartbridge has delivered immensely successful results from our RPA implementations.

 Implementation Case Study

Invoice Process Automation for an Oil & Gas company

Featuring Power Automate & Azure

Power Automate
Microsoft Azure


Hours a week reallocated

 Implementation Case Study

Inventory Auditing & Sales Discounts for Restaurant Chain

Featuring UiPath & Workday

UiPath partner


Time saved per process

Interview with a CIO

Successful RPA implementations that drive results

8 Best Practices

Smartbridge partnered with RPA Today to host the webinar, Automation and the Collaborative CIO, to feature one of our client’s insightful automation experience, RPA implementation best practices, and lessons learned.

“Every organization will find ways to assimilate RPA into their processes.”


Getting Started with an Automation Implementation

Putting your automation strategy into practice can be challenging, especially in the early stages. If your business is getting started with an automation implementation, understanding the “dos and don’ts” of this endeavor is crucial to a successful outcome.


Getting Started Article

Smartbridge provides RPA implementation services for companies at all stages of their automation journey.

We’ll assess ways you can save your organization thousands of hours on mundane tasks. Let’s talk.