Getting Started with JD Edwards Bank Reconciliation

While Oracle JD Edwards’ Automatic Bank Reconciliation feature is extremely helpful, it can be a little tricky to implement. In this blog post, I document a simple solution to validating Transaction Sets for multiple accounts.

You want to use the Automatic Bank Reconciliation functionality from the latest releases of Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) but you have several bank accounts that feed into various General Ledger Accounts.  What do you do?

That was the situation facing our Oracle JD Edwards team on a recent project. The team set up Account Rules and Account Groups, but that didn’t impact the code in the Transaction Cross Reference.  We needed a way to have a different Transaction Cross Reference for each bank account type: Checking, Payroll, et cetera.

The team then set up the additional Transaction Set in User Defined Code (UDC) 09/FT.  We used BAI2, standard, for the incoming Checking Accounts and BAIP for the incoming Payroll Checks. From there, we were able to begin our testing.

We soon discovered that Oracle had violated one of my basic rules of coding: never hard code anything in your programs.  Use custom UDC or Tables if you must, but never hard code values.  One of the first things I learned when I started coding was that people will change their minds. Clients may tell you that they will never change a particular code or that they only need a certain number of codes, but as the industry changes, the company will too. Soon, they will need two or four or ten codes.  You’ll be stuck doing maintenance to the same old code instead of advancing to new and exciting programming.

Our team finally settled on creating custom code to look at UDC 09/FT to validate the incoming Transaction Set. By using the existing standard Special Handling Code in that UDC table, we were able to decide which Transaction Set to use when processing.

We have now incorporated this into Smartbridge’s Toolkit to save us time and frustration in the process of transforming our client’s JDE experience.

Interested in getting your business started with processing bank transactions and reconciliation? Smartbridge has a pre-built bank file upload interface to load any BAI bank file into JD Edwards. Learn more.

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