Our Community

Supporting Houston & Our Craft

A Passion to Serve

Smartbridge is happy to support and strengthen local, regional and national efforts. Whether it’s about innovation, health, or the latest crisis, we try to make a difference. As a small business with employees from around the globe, we all care about something, and enjoy sharing our passions with each other.

Past and Present Community Outreach

Smartbridge Events Ensemble (SEE)

SEE is an initiative that serves the Smartbridge employee, their interests, and their community by enacting a series of activities organized by employees, for employees.

By volunteering within the Houston community, Smartbridge employees build friendship and teamwork while having fun. We strive to be a staple in the Houston community, and provide our utmost support through various avenues of service.

“Tech, travel and consulting can breed a disconnected culture. SEE presents opportunities for everyone to connect, grow and define our culture.”

Smartbridge is always on the lookout to support community innovation, health and prosperity. If you have a charity or event you’d like us to consider, we’re all ears! Contact us with the details.

Smartbridge community events