IT Services & Innovation for

Modernizaton and Transformation for Manufacturing.

Manufacturing of durables presents unique challenges to constantly innovate the supply chain.

Which upgrades, enhancements and technology changes will make the most impact? What automation improvements will create efficient processes and reduce costs? At Smartbridge, our expertise and broad range of services and technologies can help bring solutions to aid in manufacturing.

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Robotic Process Automation

Manufacturing is no stranger to automation, but software bots is a whole new ballgame. Tedious business processes, such as processing invoices, can be automated to save over 80% in time and costs!

Manufacturer cuts time spent on a supply chain management process by 85%, freeing up 60 hours a month.

Mobile App Development

FEATURING The Sales Orders Mobile App

Smartbridge applications and accelerators achieve goals around real-time information and digitizing mobile workforces. The Sales Orders app, for example, keeps your warehouse team informed of incoming orders to intervene and possibly avoid delays in the supply chain process.

Intelligent Information Management

The abundance of documents that comes from the supply chain, sales, operations and finance requires a sophisticated way of centralizing information without a massive overhaul to core systems and methodologies. Smartbridge sets up manufacturers to excel at enterprise content management with minimal disruption.

Migrating to the Cloud with Salesforce CRM

Accelerated Productivity with Salesforce

Smartbridge is a Salesforce partner with experience deploying Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. We’ll build a roadmap to ensure success when expanding or implementing CRM solutions, addressing everything from integrations to change management.