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Energy and Utilities companies are having to overcome new obstacles as industry and consumer demands are rapidly changing.

Smartbridge understands the energy transition brings new opportunities for companies to chart their course toward a net-zero emissions future. The energy spectrum is shifting to adapt to all resources, and all markets – creating a digital divide between technology-driven energy companies and traditional ones.

Industry disruptions across renewables and oil & gas require companies to not just keep up, but to create the pace.

The Great Crew Change, net zero initiatives, and other regulatory and compliance requirements are forcing companies to put digital imperatives in place across operations, human resources, finance and supply chain to support both front-line workers and information workers. These opportunities strongly position Smartbridge to provide its services to help energy companies accelerate their digital journey.

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Production Optimization

This stems from the idea of relying on technology and data to increase productivity – do more with less. The optimization relies on data generated by the business processes, machines and the use of advanced analytics, data science methods, field simulation, and use of digital twins and AI in the advanced stages of the journey. This results in an increase of uptime, reduction in downtime, and also creates cost reduction opportunities using fuel optimization.

This can also provide a beneficial impact on human capital. For example, creating the cognitive challenge needed by engaged employees to increase employee morale and satisfaction.

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Environmental, Social & Governance

As the general awareness of the energy value chain increases, the emphasis on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) monitoring and reporting is becoming important. Major energy companies are making strides towards setting emission reduction targets, measuring carbon intensity, and taking measures to reduce the carbon footprint.

ESG Tracking Automation Case Study

ESG kWh Tracking Automation
Smartbridge worked with a major energy company to keep track of their energy consumption and provided a way of measuring the carbon impact and focused on reduction.

Digital Services for ESG Needs for Energy Companies

Electric Utilities Customer Service

Enterprises are dealing with ever-changing customer expectations. The approaches used by trend-setting customer-focused industries are being adopted by customer service functions within the utility industry, as well as for stakeholder engagement in oil & gas.

The modern customer experience heavily relies on using internal and external data integration followed by management and governance.

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Predictive Maintenance

The energy industry spends huge amounts of maintenance dollars. Data modernization and the use of data-driven processes create opportunities in predictive maintenance and reduction of operation and maintenance (O&M) costs. Some of the examples include condition-based maintenance instead of calendar-based maintenance, identifying faulty equipment proactively, and use maintenance resources based on the need. This relies on the use of data science, advanced analytics, and experienced leadership executing the programs.

Business Optimization

Most businesses, irrespective of size, are looking at optimizing business functions such as human resources, automation, supply chain management, production, and others.

The data revolution impacts every business unit, and provides opportunities to manage and execute business with far fewer resources than needed in the past.

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