Modern Data & Analytics
Architecture with Azure

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Are you evaluating the state of your enterprise data architecture strategy?

Modern data & analytics services are the new frontier, addressing six major drivers behind the changing data architecture landscape. To assist our clients in realizing their future state vision, Smartbridge has created a business-focused reference architecture for modern data warehousing, business intelligence, and agile analytics featuring Azure.

In this instant download of “Modern Data & Analytics Architecture with Azure”, you’ll learn:

  • Why traditional data and analytics architecture are becoming obsolete

  • What makes a data analytics architecture modern

  • How you can accelerate with agile analytics

  • How to incorporate best-of-breed technologies, including Azure, Snowflake, MicroStrategy and many others.

  • An introduction to the Agile Analytics Reference Architecture

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modern data analytics architecture

Most of today’s data warehouses process just 20% of the enterprise’s data.

New data volumes are growing at 60% annually.