Completing Your RPA Center of Excellence with Demand Management

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Every Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence (RPA CoE) is Critical to Your Program’s Success

Becoming a mature RPA organization is an incremental process that requires a future-state vision while still focusing on short-term outcomes. Pilots or proof-of-concepts should be selected based on automations that generate the most immediate and highest outcomes.

Designing a thorough Center of Excellence requires you to acknowledge the pitfalls that could become your demise. Recognition is key to building a proper playbook to move into rapid deployment of bots.

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Highlighting the next level of Process Discovery – a key component to your RPA CoE.

Process discovery, or process mining, is critical for a successful RPA Center of Excellence (CoE). But have you considered the full Demand Management Process?

When building a CoE, Smartbridge always recommends the creation of a Demand Management Playbook for companies with a future-state vision of hyperautomation.

In this instant download of “Completing Your RPA Center of Excellence with Demand Management”, you’ll learn about:

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  • The Playbook & Approach
  • Roles & Resources
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When looking for high-value automation opportunities, people will usually begin with process discovery. We’ll dive deeper into process discovery in our approach to demand management.

The two leading vendors of RPA products, UiPath and Microsoft Power Automate, both agree that process discovery (or process mining) is a critical enabling technology for digital transformation.

In fact, they both have developed intelligent tools to use AI and machine learning to analyze and consolidate workflow recordings and quantify their value and potential for automation. The challenge comes when you have identified a list of automation candidates. What discovery fails to take into consideration is the roles, responsibilities, ROI analysis, prioritizing, sequencing, approvals, and backlog reviews.

Process discovery is just the beginning.