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Consulting and Professional Services for Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Big Data Processing on Databricks

Databricks is an open, unified platform that brings together data engineering, data science, business analytics, and machine learning to provide companies with the information they need to identify and address concerns as well as innovate for the future.

By offering services in the platform such as data science workshops, unified data services, business analytics, and enterprise cloud services along with features such as AI technology, Databricks is an all-around data & analytics solution. The platform is available for both Microsoft Azure and AWS allowing it to fit in seamlessly with your technology stack.

Combine Databricks with our vast experience in data management and business intelligence, Smartbridge can successfully set your organization up with intelligent data management and analytics for the enterprise.

Smartbridge is a Databricks partner

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Databricks Professional Services

  • Databricks Implementation and Deployment Services: Assisting clients in deploying and configuring Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, including setting up clusters, workspaces, and security configurations.
  • Data Lake Architecture and Design: Designing and implementing data lake architectures using Databricks Delta Lake to store and manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

  • Data Engineering and ETL Development: Building data pipelines and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes using Databricks Delta and Apache Spark to ingest, process, and transform data from various sources into actionable insights.

  • Migration to Databricks: Assisting clients in migrating their existing data infrastructure and workloads to Databricks from on-premises environments, legacy systems, or other cloud platforms with minimal disruption.

  • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning: Developing machine learning models and advanced analytics solutions using Databricks MLflow and Databricks Runtime for ML to derive insights, make predictions, and automate decision-making processes. (Explore our AI services)

  • Real-time Stream Processing: Designing real-time stream processing solutions using Databricks Streaming and Apache Spark Structured Streaming to analyze and respond to data streams in real-time for use cases such as IoT analytics or fraud detection.

  • Data Science Enablement: Empowering data scientists and analysts with Databricks notebooks, collaborative workspaces, and integrated development environments (IDEs) for exploratory data analysis, model development, and experimentation.

  • Data Governance and Security: Implementing data governance frameworks and security policies using Databricks Delta Lake and Databricks Workspace to ensure data privacy, compliance, and protection against unauthorized access.

  • Cost Optimization and Performance Tuning: Optimizing Databricks workloads for performance and cost-effectiveness by fine-tuning cluster configurations, optimizing Spark jobs, and implementing cost management strategies.

  • Cloud Data Lake Integration: Integrating Databricks with cloud data lakes such as Amazon S3, or Azure Data Lake Storage to leverage scalable storage solutions for big data analytics and AI workloads.

  • Data Visualization and Reporting: Building interactive dashboards and visualizations using Databricks SQL Analytics or integrating Databricks with BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, or Looker for reporting and data visualization.

  • Custom Development and Integration: Developing custom applications, libraries, or integrations on top of Databricks’ platform to extend its functionality and integrate with other enterprise systems, workflows, or third-party applications.

  • Industry-Specific Solutions: Developing industry-specific use cases and solutions leveraging Databricks’ platform capabilities for sectors such as construction, energy, food service, life sciences, to address specific business challenges and opportunities.

  • Center of Excellence, Training and Education: Offering training programs, workshops, and certification courses to educate client teams on Databricks best practices, Apache Spark fundamentals, machine learning techniques, and other relevant topics. Create a CoE for the perfect amount of access, governance, and templates by designating a formal committee to optimize business processes around Databricks.

  • Managed Services and Support: Providing ongoing support, monitoring, and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of Databricks workloads, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance.

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