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A playbook to guide you through successfully developing a modernized culture with Microsoft Power Apps

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Adopting Power Apps is an easy and economically savvy decision for organizations of any size to improve efficiency and agility through professional-grade, low-code development. However, succeeding at scale is not easy and is full of potential pitfalls. Our extensive, research-based framework is designed for the organic skill set growth of your people, maturity of your business processes, and modernization of your technology.

In this instant download of Smartbridge’s “Power Apps Adoption Framework”, you’ll get a high-level overview of:

  • Skills Maturity

  • Foundation and Governance

  • Adoption Best Practices and Guidance

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The framework is developed to meet users at their skill level. It is a summarized, yet exhaustive, template that will help you achieve an modernized culture at scale. Don’t start your journey without a roadmap. Download the Smartbridge Power Apps Adoption Framework.

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Microsoft Power Apps provides a fast development environment to build custom apps to meet business needs, modernize processes, and create quick solutions.

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