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Smartbridge is uniquely positioned to offer its services and assist construction companies in accelerating their digital journey, paving the way for progress and success in this dynamic industry. 

At Smartbridge, we embrace the challenges and disruptions, spanning talent shortages, material pricing volatility, environmental risks to supply chain disruptions facing the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector. However, we firmly believe that digital technologies hold the key to transforming the construction industry, empowering firms to envision, construct, and shape the spaces, structures, and cities of the future. Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence as we harness the potential of technology to create a better tomorrow.

To thrive in this sector, businesses must embrace digital transformation across operations, human resources, sales, finance, and supply chain, catering to the needs of both on-site workers and information-based roles.

Smartbridge consulting services support engineering and construction companies in the areas of: 

Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client
Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client
Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client
Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client
Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client
Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client
Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client
Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client
Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client
Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client
Featured Smartbridge Engineering and Construction Client

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Most AEC businesses, irrespective of size, are looking at optimizing functions such as sales, operations, human resources, finance, and others. Technology has always enabled productivity along these business units in the last decade and half, but the newest data revolution provides opportunities to automate and execute business with far less resources than needed in the past.

Bid management is a key function for construction firms that operate with tight margins. Due to the highly competitive nature of the industry, companies typically only win 1 out of every 6 bids they submit. This means that the time and resources spent on preparing and submitting unsuccessful bids could be better used for managing their business and successfully completing the projects they do win.  Firms that consistently bid on the right projects enjoy higher win rates and a healthier bottom line, while those with inefficient bid management processes waste resources on the wrong bids and miss better opportunities.  By using data-driven methods and the right sales platform, Smartbridge is helping our clients improve their bid predictions and increasing their bid rate.

Efficient equipment management for reducing the idle time of heavy equipment is crucial for the long-term success of companies that operate in the space of equipment Sales & Rentals. The end-to-end business process from Lead-to-Cash can be streamlined to minimize the manual steps and to avoid duplicate data entry.


Many customers are becoming more sustainability conscious and placing greater pressure on the sector to lower the carbon footprint of new construction. The increasing focus on climate change will require engineering and construction companies to factor sustainability into their projects, construction processes, and designs.

Smartbridge works with companies to keep track of their consumption across thousands of assets using technology and provides a way of measuring the carbon impact and focused on reduction.

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In construction, safety is a key element of how business is conducted. Every day begins with a safety moment/meeting.

Several data points related to safety are collected in the form of safety meetings, training, observation, incidents etc., which take place on a construction site on a day-to-day basis. Analytics can be used to gather and synthesize different aspects of safety data and create KPIs that provide  insight into how the org is performing from a safety perspective.


Advanced analytics gives organizations the opportunity to improve safety in a whole new way and prevent future incidents from occurring. It can connect safety incidents to a specific subcontractor, vendor, or material used on a project, then predict risk associated with other projects that are currently ongoing or upcoming.

Smartbridge’s portfolio of work in construction safety includes:

  • Optimizing equipment inspections to ensure that heavy machinery and vehicles are safe to operate and perform as expected.

  • Safety Skills Reporting to ensure team members have completed all the training and obtained all the correct certifications necessary to perform a job.

  • Categorization of previous incidents to indicate which upcoming jobs have a higher likelihood of incidents occurring. This enables management and team members to take the necessary precautions and track the reduction of incidents.

I would recommend Smartbridge to other construction companies who struggle with the same issues and challenges and want to focus on customer satisfaction.

– CIO, Construction Client


Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled business approach can benefit construction firms’ supply chains in several ways, including improved visibility and transparency, increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved safety. AI can be used to track the movement of materials and goods, automate tasks, predict demand, optimize inventory levels, reduce waste, identify cost-saving opportunities, and monitor the movement of heavy machinery.

By improving these areas, AI can help construction firms improve their bottom line and deliver projects on time and within budget, and gain a competitive advantage in the industry. However, successful implementation requires thoughtful planning, data quality assurance, and adequate training to maximize the potential of AI in the construction supply chain.

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