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Sustain a healthy, user-friendly Salesforce environment with a Managed Services Provider for on-going support and maintenance services

Smartbridge has been delivering managed services for core business systems for 20 years. Our experience in providing long-term, ongoing support to reduce errors and downtime was officially recognized when Salesforce launched their new Managed Services Provider (MSP) program in 2022.

After you implement, integrate and develop, it’s time to improve. Optimizing for increasing ROI out of your Salesforce instance is a noble goal with a trusted partner like Smartbridge. On top of that, security, staffing shortages, scalability, and compliance standards are all common MSP priorities.

Salesforce Managed Services Provider

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As a Salesforce Managed Services Provider, Smartbridge offers:

  • Data Management

    Smartbridge handles data imports, exports, and back up activities.

    Our standard data management processes ensure your data is kept safe and reliable, preventing any contamination during data loads.

  • Reports & Dashboards

    Reporting changes are ever evolving. It is impossible to think through all the possible reporting needs at the time of implementation.

    We maintain dashboards and build ad-hoc reports that help answer your critical business questions.

  • Data Cleanup

    Data reduplication and clean-up can be tricky and non-reversible. Our team carefully reviews your data, works closely with your business analysts to define/implement data cleanup and reduplication rules.

    Smartbridge also helps you identify systematic enhancements needed to prevent data corruption from happening in the future by implementing data governance.

  • Application Enhancements

    Business always changes. Be it periodic operational changes or process enhancements, these changes almost always result in system updates.

    Smartbridge helps enhance your existing applications or builds new Salesforce functionality to support your renewed needs.

  • Automation Enhancements

    Do you want to add a new email notification based on a user’s action? Do you need to adjust your approval process to match a recent change in your org structure?

    Our team works with you to define enhanced automation requirements and help you implement them.

  • User & Data Security

    Smartbridge secures access to your organization by creating password and login policies, handling new user creation requests, maintaining object and field level security, and providing period audit reports.

Looking for Salesforce development? We’re a full-service partner with a team of certified Salesforce developers, so contact us to share your project details.

Salesforce Managed Services Pricing & Packages

Smartbridge offers variable and fixed pricing models to handle your Salesforce support and maintenance needs. Depending on the size and capabilities of your internal team, we can augment your existing resources in a few ways:

  • Ad-hoc services, development and project augmentation – if you have a backlog of work or limited resources to complete certain work

  • Full-time / set hours of support for on an ongoing basis – if your needs are expanding, your Salesforce investment needs to realize its full potential, or you need a combination of onshore and offshore support

No matter the pricing model, working with a Salesforce partner like Smartbridge to provide ongoing support is a cost-savings maneuver that reduces your risk. You’ll be further protected by our well-defined service-level agreements.

Schedule a brief consult to gain further insight into our Managed Service pricing structures, packages, and custom offerings.

When should you consider a Managed Services Provider?

  • Did you recently go through a new Salesforce implementation?
  • Do you have a hard time supporting and keeping up with feature releases, compliance requirements, reporting and workflow needs in your Salesforce instance?

  • Have you been holding off on high-value projects and job functions because your team is too busy administering Salesforce?

  • Did you recently lose an admin or just need an extra hand to keep up with a growing Salesforce org?

With any system, there will be maintenance involved to keep it efficient and running properly. Smartbridge’s Salesforce specialists are here to help you with all your Salesforce administration needs.

Our support and maintenance service can be tailored to meet your needs via managed services or ongoing admin support and enhancement services.

Salesforce maintenance and support is a critical investment that should never be a target for cost-cutting measures. Organizations that rely on core apps like Sales CloudService CloudExperience Cloudor Marketing Cloud, often lack an essential maintenance strategy to keep their healthy, user-friendly system in check.

Smartbridge put together a key list of the top 8 risks-turned-opportunities you should be paying attention to when maintaining Salesforce.

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