Salesforce does a great job in bringing companies and customers together by breaking down the traditional technology silos between marketing, sales and customer service teams. Business performance can further be enhanced by integrating Salesforce with other enterprise systems.

Several key business processes including Customer Acquisition, Order Fulfillment, Invoicing, and Customer Support span across multiple enterprise systems. It is critical for information to flow across multiple systems seamlessly to prevent duplicate data entry and errors due to lack of data visibility. For example, when a new customer is entered in Salesforce, it is important for the won opportunities to be transferred over to the ERP system for accurate financial reporting.

In many companies a true 360-degree customer view of customers including everything from buying habits and preferences to order history and payments can only be achieved by integrating Salesforce with multiple backend systems.

salesforce integration
salesforce integrations (SFDC) offers a robust API layer that makes real time or asynchronous integrations feasible. However, custom integration projects can quickly become complex and redundant if they are not strategically architected. Smartbridge has deep experience with enterprise system integration. Our team is proficient in building integrations to many custom integration scenarios such as

  • Batch integrations to get systems in sync

  • Instant updates to external systems when data changes in Salesforce

  • On-demand integration (e.g. sync data when user clicks on a button)

  • Send asynchronous email notifications

  • Data migration from legacy CRM systems

Integration Technologies

Our integration experts will work closely with you to understand your specific business requirements and develop a custom integration strategy and architecture to achieve your objectives. We use various cloud and on-premise integration technologies to tackle your demands.

Dell Boomi

Smartbridge has partnered with Dell Boomi to bring connected experiences and agility with integration. Dell Boomi combined with Salesforce transforms the way an organization can connect, create, manage, exchange, flow and govern their applications and data.


Access content related to your CRM data all from within your Salesforce environment. With M-Files, you’ll be able to find content across various platforms such as SharePoint, Dropbox, Network Folders and many more. Leverage M-Files to bring automation and transparency to your business processes and increase overall efficiency.


Microsoft SSIS


Self-Service Communities and NetSuite Integration

Self-Service Communities and NetSuite Integration

As Salesforce experts, we are always looking to extend the functionality of the platform. We recently explored several areas where this ideology could be applied, such as Salesforce self-service communities and NetSuite integration.

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