JD Edwards 9.2 Feature Spotlight: Sales Order Templates and Guides

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Update 1 latest addition, the Sales Template and Guides feature, makes it easy to create sales templates for similar or multiple orders. In this blog post, I explain when and how to use the feature to support sales support efforts.

In most companies, sales or customer service representatives are responsible for providing fast, effective sales support with comprehensive knowledge of company products. These teams must be able to provide information on incoming customer orders or process orders in many cases where the orders are similar in items or quantity. In these situations, Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) 9.2 EnterpriseOne’s (E1) Sales Order Templates and Guides feature makes creating a sales order much easier.

How to Use the Sales Order Templates and Guides Feature

To begin working with the Sales Order Template feature, the user starts by opening the “My Customers” application to view a list of customers they have been assigned to. When the user opens the Enter New Order form, the Sold To and Branch/Plant fields will be populated automatically.

With the Order Guides feature activated, the system opens the Order Guides Power Edit program when the user clicks anywhere on the grid area of the form.

The Sales Order Guide feature provides the user with a list of available order templates to use for a new sales order. Templates are filtered by the Sold To, Ship To, or Any customer fields. When the user selects a template, they can load the detail area of the form with the items included in the template. Users can see the customer’s available credit limit, total exposure, current order total, the amount of credit that is available, and any items associated with the order template.

With the Order Guides feature, users can:

  • view a list of available order templates
  • check the customer’s credit and order details
  • view and update the price and profit margin
  • update templates during order entry
  • automatically update the Quantity Ordered field with predetermined values

With the JDE E1 release 9.2 Sales Orders Guides and Template feature, sales support can reduce errors and improve processing time with the ability to create accurate sales orders for customers. The feature can be easily used without major changes to your business process or configuration while still providing a significant improvement to end users. Companies upgrading to or currently on JDE 9.2 update 1 should definitely give this new feature a try.

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