The Ins & Outs of JD Edwards Rental Management 

Here’s the skinny on Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Rental Management solution – the one stop shop for tracking and managing the rental of capital equipment, inventory items and associated costs and services.

Why Rental Management?

There are a large number of companies which are in the business of renting different kinds of equipment and items:

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  • Construction: Equipment, buckets, parts

  • Load: Cranes, Forklifts, Pumps

  • Automotive: Trucks, trains, cars, engines, containers

  • Tools: Scaffolding, construction, surgical, hoses

  • Medical: Pumps, wheel chairs, MRIs, scanners, heart monitors

  • Events: Chairs, tents, tables, clothes, signs

What is Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Rental Management?

It is a relative new module, based on others such as Sales, Purchase and Service Management, used to manage and track equipment and item rental. Read more from Oracle here >

Features and Capabilities

With Rental Management it is possible to:

  • Track and manage the rental process of equipment, inventory items and associated services.
  • Easy identification of available items for rent in inventory is a must.
  • Automatic generation of associated services, such as sales orders, service orders, and purchase orders, when processing rental contracts is key to streamlining business processes.

With Rental Management you are able to tailor terms and agreements of the contract with unique requirements for:

  • Rent-to, ship-to, and deliver-to addresses.
  • Delivery and invoice mechanisms.
  • Requested and actual contract dates: Rental start date, equipment/item requested delivery date, install date, and so on.
  • Billing options (recurring rental billing, one-time rental billing, and one-time sales billing) with multi-currency capability.
  • Comprehensive contract entry and management programs.
  • Rental billing (recurring and one-time).
  • E1 Pages to easily access watch lists and programs for rental contracts, One View Reporting, system setup, and inquiry.

Typical Business Flow

The business flow for Rental Management integrates important modules from JDE: Sales, Purchasing, Service Work Orders and Service Billing. This integration provides an end to end solution for the typical business flow that companies in this market are using.

Key Benefits of Rental Management

Among many benefits, the following are the more relevant:

Single View of the Contract

Managing everything within the contract improves visibility into the entire rental process, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Generate Related Orders

Increase productivity by automatically generating associated services, sales, and return orders thereby streamlining operations, reducing delays and minimizing errors.

Improve Day to Day Operations

Reduction of bottlenecks and job delays because of visibility across the organization.


Improved analytics provide insight into customer trending and equipment/item disposition which increase revenue and costs.

Putting it all into Focus

Based on the previous premises it is possible to say that Rental Management is a complete and extended solution, and is totally integrated, thus allowing users to manage all business requirements with no major investment.

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