Scheduling Batch Jobs

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator

The JD Edwards Orchestrator Solutions Series serves to educate business professionals on the benefits of Orchestrator, and how it can be used effectively in their business practices. A batch job is one or more computer programs processed in ‘batch’ mode. Meaning, a sequence of commands to be executed by an operating system is listed in a file and submitted for execution as a single unit. This video walks us through the process of scheduling batch jobs with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator.

Managing Large Data Volume Through Orchestrator

In Part 1 of our four-part video series, Consultant Tomas Garcia walked us through the process of using Orchestrator to connect to external web services. Today, we will be diving into the process of scheduling batch jobs through JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator.

JD Edwards as an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) has two major types of applications. The first of which are applications that need user interaction and processing to complete any transaction on the database. These applications are called interactive applications, which can basically manage small volume data changes.

The second type of application does not require human processing to be completed, or to manage a greater volume of data. Batch applications, also known as ‘reports’ or ‘universal batch engines‘ (UBE), can execute and process huge amounts of data quickly, without user process transaction requirement. Batch applications can be scheduled to perform in certain order, with specific sets of information, and at a certain time of day. This decreases the human effort to process large amounts of data in a short period of time. With Orchestrator, all batch jobs can be setup for execution at different times, parameters and conditions.

In Part 2 of our four-part series, Tomas shows the process of scheduling batch jobs with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator.

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Primary Topics Addressed

  • What is a Batch Job?
  • Scheduling Batch Jobs with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator
  • Generating New Service Requests with Orchestrator
  • Modifying the Output of the Orchestration  
  • Scaling Reports for Big Data Processing 
  • How to Receive an Email Confirmation of the Process  

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