What’s in Store for the Transform IT Season 2 Podcast? 

Our listeners are highly anticipating the launch of Transform IT Season 2, premiering January 2019. As we take a look back at the highlights and key takeaways from Season 1, we share what you can expect in the very near future from Transform IT Season 2!

A Look Back

Since its conception in 2017, the Transform IT podcast has provided a unique avenue of sharing our collective expertise at Smartbridge. Through various recording sessions, hours of brainstorming and many published episodes, our podcast has established a collaborative source of knowledge and know-how we take pride in.

Starting a full blown podcast during the fast paced environment of an IT consulting organization seems challenging, right? Perhaps even more challenging when you consider the bandwidth of our expertise. However, sharing our knowledge in the dynamic realm of digital transformation is one on of the fundamental bases of Smartbridge.

Transform IT was conceived with the forward-thinking goal of providing business leaders with the latest topics, trends, and expertise in industries influenced by digital transformation. Needless to say, our podcast has come quite a long way in a short amount of time. Lead by our longtime hosts and podcast producing team, our highlights from Season 1 still resonate with our listeners today. Here are some of our most notable highlights.

Episode 1. Adapt or Die!

Right out of the gate, Transform IT established its mission and purpose with ‘Adapt or Die’ as the season opener. Our hosts presented Transform IT’s new listeners with the question, can you really die if you don’t adapt your IT efforts now? The pressure for various companies to re-invent their current processes and technology is, and has been on the rise for years. Transform IT helped engage listeners on the importance of embracing change, experiment with new processes, and to exceed the status quo.

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Episode 4. Defining Digital Transformation

Every business that offers big solutions needs to be able to qualify and quantify lots of data. Our hosts addressed that Data Science and modeling, combined with digital transformation is the key differentiator in the future of successful businesses. Business Laboratory President George Danner shared his insight into factory and manufacturing, which strongly resonated with our listeners and provided a new level of industry specific expertise. It was at this stage that Transform IT began introducing special guests to the podcast in order to provide an extensive level of subject matter expertise for our listeners. Smartbridge was even fortunate enough to host Oracle Sr. Principal of Success, Kem Butler in Episode 6 of Season 1!

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Season 1 Finale. What the Cloud!?

By this point in the season, our listeners had heard and understood the term “SaaS” which is an acronym for Software as a Service. However, what most didn’t know, is that there are actually 3 key components of these “as a Service” offerings from cloud applications. Our host discussed these three service offerings at length while exploring the versatility of cloud computing. This episode encompassed the benefits of moving to the Cloud with respect to employee mobility, resource cost, access and security. This was icing on the cake to the digital transformation based relationship we now had with our audience.

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What to Expect in Season 2

Moving into the latter half of 2018, the reluctance of organizations to transform their IT related efforts is decreasing, and fast. Companies in various industries are looking for solution providers like Smartbridge to help establish the foundation of their digital transformation journey. Resources like Transform IT have provided in depth insight for business professionals to reference, including various topics that remain resourceful today. However, the pace of digital transformation continues to evolve at break-neck pace, and our listeners want more. So, without giving too much away of course, what can our audience expect in Transform IT Season 2?

  • More from our partners and clients

    Our podcast team is increasing our efforts to host subject matter experts from our valued clients and partners. We recognize that the best insight into industry specific factors is through the eyes of those who live it day in and day out. Smartbridge was fortunate to host a variety of special guests during Season 1 of our podcast, such as Oracle Sr. Principal of Success, Kem Butler, and Avanir Pharmaceuticals Director of IT, James Pham. Our listeners can expect to hear even more in-depth insights from IT professionals in the realm of oil and gas, food service and manufacturing, without the worry of an added sales pitch!

  • A diversity of hosts and guests

    One of the things Smartbridge prides itself on is the vast breadth of expertise our team possesses. From experts in our Digital Innovations, Enterprise Mobility and Business Intelligence and Analytics practice, our audience will hear industry trends first hand from our IT solution providers. This will give listeners the ability to hear specific insight from multiple perspectives that may fit their unique industry situation.

  • More insight and content on current events

    You may have noticed in our bonus content that longtime host, Patrick Pahls recently took Transform IT mobile to the JD Edwards Infocus Conference in Denver, Colorado! Along with Smartbridge partner Avalara, on one of our bonus episodes delivered in depth commentary on the recent Supreme Court ruling of South Dakota vs. Wayfair, establishing a new variable in economic nexus. While we can’t necessarily promise more mobile trips, what we can deliver is more content on current industry events that impacts the world if IT.

Get Ready, Season 2 is Coming Fast!

Are you ready for more expert content delivered by our team of IT professionals? As digital transformation continues to impact various forms of business, don’t be among those who miss the train. Get the insight you need, from the team who knows it best!

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