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After 20 years of data and analytics consulting, Smartbridge is pleased to provide a variety of professional services aimed at helping clients unleash the full potential of their data through visualization, analytics, and business intelligence. Smartbridge is also a Salesforce consulting partner for CRM implementations and their Customer 360 platform.

Tableau professional services

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Tableau Professional Services

  • Tableau Implementation and Deployment Services: Assisting clients in deploying and configuring Tableau Server or Tableau Online, including installation, setup, and configuration for optimal performance and scalability.
  • Dashboard and Report Development: Designing and building interactive dashboards, reports, and visualizations tailored to meet the specific needs of different user groups within the organization, using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Builder.

  • Data Source Integration: Integrating data from various sources into Tableau, including databases, data warehouses, cloud-based applications, spreadsheets, and web services, to create a unified view of the organization’s data.

  • Data Modeling and Preparation: Preparing and transforming data for analysis using Tableau Prep, including data cleansing, aggregation, joining, and blending to ensure data accuracy and consistency for visualization and analysis.

  • Advanced Analytics and Calculations: Developing complex calculations, parameters, sets, and LOD (Level of Detail) expressions in Tableau to perform advanced analytics, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling.

  • Geospatial Analysis and Mapping: Creating maps and performing geospatial analysis using Tableau’s built-in mapping capabilities or integrating with external mapping services like Mapbox or ESRI for location-based insights.

  • Mobile BI Solutions: Designing mobile-friendly dashboards and visualizations using Tableau’s device-specific layouts and responsive design features to enable users to access insights on-the-go from smartphones and tablets.

  • Embedding and Integration: Embedding Tableau visualizations and dashboards into web portals, applications, or business workflows using Tableau’s embedding APIs or integration with other platforms such as Salesforce, SharePoint, or Jira.

  • Performance Optimization: Optimizing Tableau workbooks and dashboards for performance and scalability by fine-tuning data connections, optimizing queries, and improving dashboard design and layout.

  • Data Governance and Security: Implementing data governance policies and security controls within Tableau Server or Tableau Online to ensure data privacy, compliance, and protection against unauthorized access.

  • Upgrade and Migration Services: Assisting clients in upgrading to the latest version of Tableau software and migrating their existing Tableau deployments to new infrastructure, cloud environments, or updated architectures.

  • Custom Development and Extensions: Building custom extensions, plugins, or integrations on top of Tableau’s platform to extend its functionality and integrate with other enterprise systems, data sources, or external APIs.

  • Industry-Specific Solutions: Developing industry-specific use cases and solutions leveraging Tableau’s platform capabilities for sectors such as restaurants, energy, construction, manufacturing, to address specific business challenges and opportunities.

  • Performance Monitoring and Maintenance: Providing ongoing support, monitoring, and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of Tableau Server or Tableau Online, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance.

  • Tableau Center of Excellence, Training and Adoption: Providing training programs, workshops, and user adoption initiatives to educate and empower users at all levels of the organization to leverage Tableau effectively for data analysis and decision-making. Create a CoE for the perfect amount of access, governance, and templates by designating a formal committee to optimize business processes around Tableau.

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