Our Expertise

To digitally transform your business, you need a strong, experienced partner – who educates you on the “art of the possible”, walks alongside your team to establish an innovation culture, and brings new ideas to you every day.

You need a partner with industry knowledge and a broad range of technology capabilities. Smartbridge works shoulder-to-shoulder with you in an agile manner to help you realize a higher level of business performance.

Digital Innovation Ideation

When it’s time to explore your innovative opportunities, we’re there to educate leadership on the “art of the possible”. We do this through ideation workshops, establishing your roadmap, and assisting in implementing an innovation culture in your organization.

Digital Innovation

Modernize Your Applications

Old legacy applications limit your ability to innovate and transform. You can change that.

It all begins with establishing your applications architecture and identifying opportunities to apply cloud for agility and robustness. Together we will select, implement, or upgrade your critical systems, including ERP, CRM and ECM.

Systems Modernization

Integrate Your Systems

Orchestrate business processes across the value chain participants by seamlessly integrating systems. Smartbridge will help you select and implement enterprise integration platforms to digitally connect your processes.

Applications Integration

Automate Processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Where do you find all of this time to innovate? By freeing up your people to focus on higher value tasks with RPA. Deliver quick results from digital transformation initiatives by making machines perform repeatable, mundane tasks. The Smartbridge RPA team will identify the most appropriate toolsets to maximize automation effectiveness.


Manage Your Data

You are already sitting on tons of data, and before long you’ll be drowning in data. Smartbridge’s data management team can collect, organize and manage this data. After all, proper data management is the foundation for digital innovation.

Data Management

Unlock Hidden Gems in Your Data

Data is worthless unless it is harnessed, tamed, and analyzed to identify trends, patterns and exceptions to radically improve business performance. Smartbridge’s  specialists modernize business intelligence capabilities and radically grow your BI maturity level.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Mobile Apps Built for Your Workforce

Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Y are your present and future customers and workforce, and they expect to be able to perform what they want to do, whenever, on their mobile devices. Smartbridge mobile enablement specialists will accelerate your mobile offering capabilities.

Enterprise Mobility

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