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Consulting Services for Medical Device and Life Sciences Companies

We take care of you, so you can take care of others.

Smartbridge assists those that work in the medical device and life sciences industry with digital innovations to improve processes and meet regulation requirements.

Whether your workforce needs a solution for critical, sensitive data or a way to access information through mobile devices, Smartbridge is here to support your digital needs.

The portfolio of Smartbridge healthcare clients include businesses in: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dental services, and hospitals.

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Salesforce certified partner

Global Medical Device Manufacturer’s Full CRM Implementation

Salesforce Implementation, Integration, or Modernization

Moving to the cloud, or migrating and merging CRM installs can be daunting no matter your industry. Compliancy and regulation requirements for healthcare adds to the stress of updating legacy systems.

Smartbridge has extensive experience with Salesforce, ERPs, cloud migrations, change management and security.

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Endless Automation Potential

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an incredible opportunity to eliminate error in business processes with software bots. Automating routine, mundane tasks has helped our clients with a 90%+ time saving’s ROI!

You automate your manufacturing, why not automate invoicing, onboarding, and more?


Firm’s AP Invoice Automation

M-Files Partner

Intelligent Content Management & File Sharing

Imagine finding and using information assets more effectively. No problems with version control, compliance, or even remembering where a file is. Intelligent Information Management is all about using the meta data to keep track of edits, approval workflows, and finding the right content at the right time.

M-Files for Intelligent Information Management

Mobile Application Development

Hospital workers, lab techs and pharmaceutical sales are among the professions that must be supported digitally. Mobile apps for your workforce are one thing, but integrating them with your enterprise systems is our speciality.

Application Development
oracle partner

Pharmaceutical Service Provider Maintains FASB/IASB Compliance Through JD Edwards

Modernizing Accounting and Finance

When it comes to staying in compliance, streamlining financial processes is a constant at Smartbridge. Whether its revenue and profit recognition, or importing bank files into your ERP, we’ve created accelerator tools and roadmaps to expedite the project.

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Smartbridge executed one of the smoothest upgrades and go-lives we have ever experienced, delivering on time and under budget.

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Listen to our podcast with United BioSource Finance Manager, Lawrence Evans, on how innovative technology protects their data.

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