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Customer-focused business transformation requires organizations to act smarter, faster, and more agile, so they can adapt quickly to new conditions. This can be done by using a modern cloud architecture, unified data, and data-driven insights with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance business processes. This requires advanced data science and analytics expertise, domain knowledge, and interdisciplinary thinking.

Smartbridge’s data science and analytics services team has the expertise and years of experience to deliver value and meet your business needs through data and digital innovation.

Domain Expertise

Business value delivery from data cannot be realized without a deeper understanding of the business model and collaboration between the data science and business teams.

Smartbridge’s value-focused approach has enabled us to gain experience in various customer-centric domains: Food Service, Energy, Construction, Healthcare, and more. Our team provides the breadth of experience and the collaboration necessary to eliminate roadblocks and successfully help business leaders accelerate their enterprise data transformation journey.

Modeling and Simulation

Avoid costly and time-consuming experimentation with physical assets. Instead, use mathematical knowledge and computation power to solve real-world problems at a lower cost and in a more efficient manner.

Smartbridge’s technology consulting experience and successful delivery provides an advantage to our clients in becoming a true partner in their technology-enabled future.

Advanced Mathematics and Statistics

Data science algorithms applying advanced mathematics and statistics date back to many decades, in a lot of industries such as financial services, banking, insurance, airlines and others. With the advent of cloud infrastructure and cost-effective computational power, the application of complex algorithms to various business processes is gaining prominence.

Smartbridge’s data science team brings the expertise in algorithmic development from concept to production by using the latest digital infrastructure and collaborating effectively with the business units.

Smartbridge’s Comprehensive Approach

Our approach not only addresses technical requirements for AI/ML use cases but enables a comprehensive solution that adds value to the whole organization. We can incrementally mature your analytical capability and demonstrate how best to gain insight into data so you can thrive within your industry.

Enhance your Data Science and Analytics Experience with Customizations and Integrations

Custom dashboard integrations, such as with Power BI, change the meaning of analytics and data science to incorporate a data-driven experience for users that prioritizes the user’s needs, along with a self-service collaboration model. Let us help you integrate across your Microsoft tech stack, so you can put data and analytics at the forefront, no longer making it an afterthought, but embedding it into your working experience.

Featured Data Science and Analytics Content

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