Transform IT Podcast Ep.4:
Defining Digital Transformation

“IT Doesn’t Own Digital Transformation”

Every business that has big problems to solve needs to be able to qualify and quantify lots of data. As a young Software Engineer, George Danner spent a great deal of time in factory and manufacturing settings creating automation software. This experience of deconstructing manufacturing processes helped him develop a “sixth sense” for developing models for business.

Models have applications outside of the factory setting and apply to every transaction and process imaginable. By using the factory model as a footprint for building models, George honed his skills at creating models or “Digital Twins” for every type of business. Data Science and modeling combined with digital transformation is the key differentiator in the future of successful business operations, decision-making, and ultimately, profitability.

In today’s episode, hosts Miraj & Patrick introduce George Danner, CEO, and President of Business Laboratory LLC.

Listen to “Defining Digital Transformation”:

Digital Transformation is a popular business buzzword today most associated with moving IT processes to the Cloud and creating software that is mobile and provides excellent user experiences. The word, however, doesn’t belong just to the IT industry. Digital Transformation requires the C-Suite to “rewire and reimagine” how their companies work to achieve breakout performance. It requires adding the algorithms, modeling and analytics of data science to the mix to achieve a complete business transformation.

I come at Digital Transformation differently. I come at it from the perspective of a front-row seat where lots of companies are yearning to perform better, yearning to have a different business model.

George Danner

Listen below as Danner discusses how he uses data science to transform business.

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