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by Smartbridge

Smartbridge has partnered with multi-unit and large chain restaurants to simplify their business transformations since 2003.

An empathetic approach to understanding the food service industry’s challenges is bred into the Smartbridge culture. As thought leaders with a track record of successful project execution, Smartbridge is committed to fueling your innovation.

Bring your digital agenda to reality, from vision to adoption.

Smartbridge back-of-house innovations support initiatives focused on:

Labor Management

Labor Management

Struggles occur when HR and operations are bogged down with tedious tasks associated to hiring, training and retention. Automate, streamline and integrate where you can to focus on what matters – the staff.

Food Waste

Food Waste

Spoilage, over-portioning and pilferage is an avoidable waste of profit. Operations intelligence regarding inventory, or automating the cooking process can alleviate waste without a massive change.

Drive Traffic

Driving Traffic

The digital disruption of food service is coming from all angles. Modifying your legacy enterprise systems is the first way to keep up expectations of third-party delivery, online ordering and traditional customer experiences.


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