Salesforce Questions and Answers from IT Professionals

In a recent LinkedIn livestream, our team of experts addressed popular questions and answers surrounding the Salesforce space, exploring both technical and non-technical challenges users face in today’s business climate.

Today, Salesforce is one of the most robust and sought-after solutions on the market, surpassing the capabilities of core CRM functionality through innovation, ideation and automation. In general, Salesforce questions and answers are in liberal supply, which certainty generates the demand to address popular topics for developers and administrators alike!

From systems integration fundamentals to customized solutions, milestones and challenges abound for Salesforce users in every professional stage. Our team of IT professionals took this opportunity to explore various topics surrounding the Salesforce space, and address questions from a live audience in the process. Below are some primary topics of discussion included in the video:

  • Salesforce fundamentals such as automation, data migration and security

  • Customize coding solutions through Lightning, Visualforce and Apex

  • Best practices during the testing phase prior to going live

  • Administration best practices and fundamentals for proper offboarding

  • “Clicks not code” declarative features like flows, process builder and workflows

Salesforce Questions and Answers – Diving In!

Listen as our host and Business Development Representative, Cory Shreffler, discusses popular topics surrounding Salesforce with Smartbridge Consultants  Austen Cole and Amir Hamid.

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Question Transcript

  • What are some things to consider before moving to the Lightning platform?

  • What are the best ways to prevent duplicates that are already present?

  • At what point would you move towards customization?

  • How do you compare SFDC development experience with general custom development?

  • What are some tips for offboarding a Salesforce user?

  • Prior to going live, what is the most important thing when it comes to testing?

  • What is the average testing time after development is completed?

  • Was there a feature change this year regarding deleting fields in Salesforce?

  • From an administration perspective, what are some best practices for an admin just starting out?

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To maximize your Salesforce investment, here’s a list of ways you can modernize your platform through innovation:

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