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Smartbridge has created a business-focused reference architecture for modern data warehousing, business intelligence and agile analytics. Our Cloud Analytics E-Book is the first step to realizing your modern future state vision!

Accelerating Your Journey to Cloud Analytics

The digitization of business, the explosive growth of data, and cloud compute resources have drastically changed the appetite and ability of organizations to leverage data for strategic purposes. Specifically, cloud-based analytics services are the new frontier in business today. Organizations must fully evaluate their current state of their enterprise data architecture strategy, and tailor innovative technologies towards their future state vision.

Our purpose for creating “Accelerating Your Journey to Cloud Analytics” was to provide a resourceful avenue for organizations to fully evaluate their analytical strategy. Introducing agile analytics, knowledge of best-of-breed technologies like Snowflake and MicroStrategy, and taking a closer look into data analytics architecture are all variables encompassed in our Cloud Analytics E-Book.

The State Of Cloud Business Intelligence, 2019

How is Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence impacting business? A recent article in Forbes explores the findings of the Dresner Advisory Services’ 2019 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study. In this study, Dresner explores the multiple variables related to BI & Cloud Analytics, and their impact on organizations. Some key points of the study include:

  • An all-time high 48% of organizations say cloud BI is either “critical” or “very important” to their operations in 2019.

  • Marketing & Sales place the greatest importance on cloud BI in 2019.

  • Small organizations of 100 employees or less are the most enthusiastic, perennial adopters and supporters of cloud BI.

  • The most preferred cloud BI providers are Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Analytics E-Book

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Regarding organizational adoption and reliance on analytical technologies, Dresner stated:

“An all-time high 48% of organizations say cloud BI is either ‘critical’ or ‘very important’ to their operations in 2019. Since 2012, deployments of public cloud BI applications are increasing, with organizations citing substantial benefits versus traditional on-premises implementations.”

Are You Behind the BI Curve?

As early adopters become the market standard, organizations that are slow to adapt find themselves unable to compete. In partnership with companies like Snowflake, Smartbridge successfully sets your organization up to receive seamless data movement through the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms, and the elasticity of the cloud.

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