Navigating Your Transition from Grid-Based Reports to Dashboards [VIDEO]

How can you bring new meaning to your data by transitioning your company from grid-based reports to dynamic dashboards? We can show you.

While each company is at a different stage in its analytical maturity, chances are good that you or your teams regularly receive reports from your data warehouse.

Unfortunately, chances are also good that many of these reports go disregarded because they fail to answer your users’ real questions.

Watch the free on-demand webinar to discover:

  • Why you should be using dashboards
  • Why many organizations haven’t made the transition yet

  • How to overcome these reasons and kick-start your project
  • The top challenges faced during dashboard projects
  • Lessons learned on driving dashboard projects

NOTE: While this webinar was originally recorded in 2013, the challenges organizations face and the reasons to migrate are still very relevant!

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