Using Salesforce and Power BI for a Safe Workplace Reopening

As many states start to reopen, companies are creating plans to bring their workforce back to the office while taking the proper precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With the use of Salesforce and Power BI, Smartbridge has created a command center to give top-level executives vital data to make informed decisions during the reopening process.

Employee wellness has always been a highlighted subject for every company no matter the size. Companies offer a wide range of options when it comes to taking care of their best assets and constantly promote good health. In light of the recent COVID-19 events, a lot of businesses have taken special measures to protect their employees from falling victim to this terrible virus and are now starting to construct business plans that would allow a safe return to the office.

This sounds simple enough, but a lot of attention is needed to assess if an employee can come back or if they are better off working from home. In addition, businesses need to have their own assessments to show the readiness of their office space to be suitable in this new normal. Salesforce can provide this along with emergency response and reskilling tools with their solution, However, we know this can be out of budget or overengineered for some organizations’ needs. We wanted to provide something that solely focused on employee wellness and business reopening.

To be able to address these concerns our team, during a virtual hackathon, created a solution that would enable our customers to find an easy and responsible way to reopen their offices while prioritizing their employees’ health.

Smartbridge is a Salesforce and Power BI Partner

Building the Command Center

To start, we developed an accelerator using Salesforce and Microsoft Power BI to build an app specifically for top-level executives to work as a command center. The new Salesforce app will help determine how well their locations are performing in reopening activities, while also having the ground level data of employee wellness results. We equipped the app with dynamic dashboards and reports to show live data as it is being updated.

salesforce and power bi

Setting up Surveys

We then created an Employee Community Portal where users can take wellness assessments. After a user logs in and consents to the questionnaire, they are taken to a series of questions about their current physical and mental health. Using the captured responses, we embedded custom logic that evaluates which employees are fit to come back to the office, and which should consult their healthcare providers before planning on returning.

The following chart was included in our Command Center App page to give our operations team a list of users that might be at risk of illness based on their survey responses.

salesforce and power bi

A similar questionnaire was developed for office managers to answer questions regarding office readiness to show if the office is suitable for employees to return to work. These questions generally consisted of asking if there are procedures in place for social distancing, sanitizing, and if employees will be required to face masks.

Embedding a Global Case Tracker

With the use of Microsoft Power BI, our team created a near real-time COVID-19 dashboard which updates about every 2 hours (with the curve chart at bottom left updating nightly). The left chart details the impact in the US. and the right chart gives a global view. We embedded this in our Salesforce app page, allowing our operations team to have a complete view of global cases.

Want to know how our COVID-19 dashboard was made?

salesforce and power bi

Crossing the Finish Line

In the end, our completed project allowed us to easily identify which locations met the reopening criteria presented by official guidelines, which employees were cleared to be back in the office, and detected where we need to focus our efforts to get other branches up and running.

Interested in this Solution?

The best part of hackathon projects is seeing them come to life in the real world. If you’re looking for an employee wellness and business continuity solution, we would be happy to demo our tool and customize it to meet the needs of your business. Contact us to learn more.

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