Transform IT Podcast BONUS Episode:
Hackathons for an Innovative Culture

“Gearing Organizational Camaraderie Toward Innovative Ideas”

Digital transformation is a buzz-worthy term that is rapidly gaining more relevance in various industries. Taking a company’s traditional practices and transforming them into an efficient, technology-based platform requires hours of collaboration, ideas and expertise. But how does the process begin internally? Further, how does employee collusion play a role in discovering innovative solutions?

Hackathons are usually adapted within technology-based industries, where collective efforts are essential for success and discovering new solutions for clients. Employee engagement is crucial for an organization to discover new ideas among its members, who share both similar and unique intellectual concepts that may remain untapped.

In today’s episode, hosts Miraj & Patrick discuss the various aspects of hackathons, an intense, collaborative experience among groups of specialist, working together to reach a common goal.

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Hackathons help eliminate that possibility, and ensures those involved have an avenue to exercise their voice through creativity and problem solving. Organizations that choose to host hackathons, even if they are not technology centered, often experience various avenues of success. In the push for long-term client retention, development must be captured through an internal scope.

You can develop, enhance, and refine through bringing hackathons into your company culture as a way to innovate.

Host, Patrick Pahls

Listen as Miraj and Patrick discuss the implementation, process and benefits of adapting hackathons to your company culture.

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