Personalize User Experience with JD Edwards Form Extensions

In this article, we’ll explain what Form Extension in JD Edwards is and how to use it to meet your personalization requirements.

What is a Form Extension?

  • Want to have additional information or data requirements on your JD Edwards forms?

  • Want to minimize dependence on IT resources to meet these additional requirements?

  • Need to add additional columns to JD Edwards forms dynamically?

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The new feature starting with JDE EnterpriseOne Tools Release enriches users with a whole new experience in personalizing the JD Edwards form. With Form Extension, you will be able to dynamically add additional columns based on your requirements without having to modify the design via Form Design Aid (FDA).

What you can do with Form Extensions

JD Edwards Form Extension provides the capabilities to meet your extended personalization requirements.

  • Provides a holistic solution removing barriers to continuous adoption

  • Empowers users to add additional data requirements quick and easily

  • Extend usage of personalization frameworks like Personal Forms, Orchestrations, CafeOne layouts, etc.

  • Hassle free from opening application code

  • Resize form header and grid areas

  • Resize and reposition columns on a form

  • Applying filter criteria for data elements on forms

  • Updating tab sequence on a form

  • Associate Orchestration with events on an EnterpriseOne form

  • Ability to add unused table columns associated with a business view on a form

Form Extensions can be used in many locations. Here’s where you can use this latest feature in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to personalize your user experience:

  • Browse form

  • Fix/Inspect form

  • Header detail form and headerless detail form

  • Power browse form

  • Power edit form

Tips to avoid errors before using Form Extensions

Add Allowed Action Type 04 for object type FORMEXTNS in OMW Allowed Actions

JDE Form Extensions

Add UDO security record to allow access to create, modify, publish, and disable for Object Type FORMEXTNS

JDE Form Extensions

Add a record in F9800022 using the application P9800022 for Object Type FORMEXTNS

JDE Form Extensions

JDE Form Extension example

How to add a new column on a header or grid on a form

Click on the Form Extension icon

JDE Form Extensions

This would show the available columns of the business view associated with the form

JDE Form Extensions

Click on the + button to add a new column to the grid

JDE Form Extensions

After clicking the + button, the field that is selected will be indicted by an X. From here, click the save button that is highlighted at the top.

JDE Form Extensions

You can now see the saved field shown in the grid column

JDE Form Extensions

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