Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

Canon IIS + Smartbridge

Smartbridge partnered with Canon Information & Imaging Solutions to assist our clients who are in need of automating their document and image-related processes. By doing so, Smartbridge is able to provide an all around solution that can bring efficiency to enterprise applications and paper-based information workflows.

Canon Information and Imaging Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., brings together Canon’s information management expertise and imaging technologies.

They deliver compelling market-driven solutions in the area of

  • Business process automation

  • Sales & marketing automation

  • Print management

  • Records management

  • Visualization & prototyping

Enterprise Imaging Platform (EIP)

EIP is a single middleware platform that automates complex business processes by integrating enterprise applications and paper-based information workflows. Companies benefit not only through significant cost savings and increased efficiencies but also gain business intelligence by bringing together vital information previously scattered across various back end systems and/or stored on paper or electronic documents.

New from Canon – Mobile Travel & Expense Automation

Intelligently capture, extract, and submit receipts. If you have a distributed workforce, temporarily remote staff, or engage in regular business travel, digital expense travel is a must.

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