Custom CPQ Solution with 3D Product Configurator for a Medical Device Manufacturer

Smartbridge developed a custom Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution with a 3D product configurator to reduce the configuration and manufacturing time for this medical device manufacturer while improving the customer experience.

Time for initial product configuration reduced by


Non-manufacturable configurations reduced by


Length of sales cycle reduced by


The Client

The client is a medical device manufacturing company that creates breakthrough treatments to improve the quality of life for patients affected by many conditions related to the head and heart. They have developed the world’s leading perfusion system which has contributed significantly to their stature and reinforced their pioneering presence in the medical device technology sector.

INDUSTRY: Medical Devices/Manufacturing

Key Challenges

The heart-lung machine (HLM) is a complex medical device that contains hundreds of sub-components. Designing a fully functional perfusion system involves selecting up to a hundred individual SKUs out of hundreds of available options. Final product pricing varies significantly based on the parts included in the design.

The complex nature of the product design and pricing made the Lead-to-Order process extremely complex and tedious for the end-user. Product configurations designed during the sales process sometimes resulted in a product configuration being impossible to manufacture. This resulted in poor customer experience and a long sales cycle, which led to lost sales.

The Smartbridge Solution

The Smartbridge team worked closely with the client’s subject matter experts to review and streamline their Lead-to-Order process. We developed a couple of technical solutions to help improve the customer experience in the following process areas:

Process AreaKey StepsSmartbridge Solution
  • Capture sales lead
  • Complete product configuration
  • Submit budgetary quote
A visual configurator to complete step-by-step product configuration
  • Develop opportunity
  • Negotiate price
  • Apply discounts
  • Finalize quote
  • Receive the order
Custom CPQ solution for product pricing and discount management

Visual Configurator

Smartbridge developed a Salesforce-based visual configurator, which allows end-users to complete the product configuration in a step-by-step wizard-style user interface. The user interface renders 3D and 2D images of various items available for selection in a point-and-click user interface. The configurator has several validations built-in to ensure the configuration of a manufacturable product.

Deal Management

The team integrated Salesforce with a third-party, custom CPQ solution. This allows users to seamlessly apply the product and customer-specific discounts and generate quotes. Due to the complex nature of their price structure, product pricing was defined in SAP, therefore, integrations were developed between SAP and Salesforce to periodically refresh product pricing.

salesforce for medical devices

Smartbridge has extensive experience with Salesforce integrations

Success Through a Modernized Implementation

The custom CPQ solution with 3D product configurator helped the client in the following ways:

  • The visual nature of the configurator and wizard-style user interface helped reduce the initial product configuration time by 50%

  • 3D model of the final product allowed the health care provider to easily visualize the end product and become educated on alternative configurations of the product

  • Non-manufacturable configurations have been reduced by 75%

  • The configurator has introduced the concept of Optimized/Templated configurations, this allows the client to promote the most efficient configurations of the HLM machine

  • Reduced the length of the sales cycle by 25%

  • Configurator data provided insights into the most commonly selected components and opportunities for upselling value-added components that are not as commonly used

  • Allowed the sales team to complete configurations from an iPad even if they are offline

custom CPQ solution

The sales teams’ alliance with a health care provider is integral to the client’s sales process. The new visual configurator allowed the sales teams to work closely with the health care professionals as they built the HLM machine. This process improved the camaraderie between their sales team and their customers. The solution positioned the client for long-term success.

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