JDE HCM: How to Fix Wage Attachment Totals

Small changes to fix one problem can often lead to bigger ones down the road. In this article, we’ll discuss how Smartbridge fixed a wage attachment totals issue in JDE Human Capital Management.

After we upgraded JD Edwards EnterpriseOne from Tools Release 9.0 to 9.2 for our client, the wage attachment totals were incorrect for thousands of their family members. We couldn’t determine the cause of this issue, but we suspect the change of IRS FEIN number with the combination of the JDE upgrade to be the problem.

We changed the FEIN number during the middle of the year in 9.0, and the totals were correct until our go-live on 9.2. After the go-live, the first payroll process grabbed the totals from the point when we changed the FEIN number and kept adding the current wages. The totals for ten different PDBA’s were incorrect, starting for all pay periods of the last two months in 2019.

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  • No standard process out of the box process, and the stub information history table (F07186), which consists of the YTD amount, has limited fields – the check control number is only one field that we can use to join the other tables.

  • The issue occurred for ten different PDBA codes, and some of them have multiple lines. (for example, 401k loans)

  • The stub line number in F07186 was not consistent. The loans get swapped when the new loan is opened, and the stub line number changes between the pay periods.

  • The DBA Transactional Detail History (F0719) does not store the deductions if the loan is closed, but the stub info table contains zero deduction.

  • Some family members didn’t have a deduction for the last pay period ran in 9.0. We need to check and go back 1 or 2 weeks to get the correct totals.

jde wage attachment totals

Correcting the Amounts

We had to build multiple SQL scripts and update the amounts.

  • Extract the data into the temporary table (BASE) for all pay periods (last PPED in 9.0 & all PPEDs in 9.2) in 2019 by joining Pay Check History Tax Ledger (F06166) and Stub Information History table (F07186) on the check control number.

  • The data should be extracted separately for each PDBA to avoid issues. For example, in 1000, 1022.

  • The Stub Information Table will have a bunch of records for each employee for each pay period based on the selections, deductions, etc. We need to filter the records in F07186 by PDBA.

  • Sum up (running total) and extract the data into another temporary table (FINAL) by joining the temp table (BASE A) with the same tables (BASE B, BASE C).

  • The BASE B table will have only the first row, which consists of the base total, and BASE C will have the remaining records. Grouping should be done.

  • The FINAL table will have records with the running totals for a specific PDBA. Build the update SQL and update F07816.Y8YTDG with the amounts (total of Y8SCUR) from the second temporary table (FINAL). Note: Back up should be done before updating the data.

  • Repeat this for each PDBA and update the amounts.

After implementing these corrections, the wage attachment totals in JDE Human Capital Management should be fixed.

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