Free Workshop from Smartbridge and Microsoft: Modern Excel Analyst in a Day

Taking your Excel analytical skills to the next level can be a daunting task. Smartbridge and Microsoft are excited to provide Excel power users with the training you need to become Modern Excel Analysts with Power BI.

HOUSTON, TEXAS – February 9, 2022

Power BI has become a desired, if not essential, tool within many organizations that want to advance their Excel reporting. That’s why Smartbridge has teamed up with Microsoft to provide a free, virtual Modern Excel Analyst in a Day Workshop on March 30th.

This is an ideal opportunity for staff that are trying to graduate from Excel to Power BI and understand the value of moving more into the Power BI space. As gold-certified partners, Smartbridge brings years of expertise and experience to contribute to your training.

This all-day, hands-on workshop aims to bring awareness of advanced capabilities available in Excel, to empower Modern Excel analysts to see what’s possible, and to explore how Excel & Power BI are best used together.

A few things your team will learn:

  • Awareness of Power Query & Power Pivot in Excel (Modern Excel)
  • How Power Query & Power Pivot in Excel can improve efficiency, provide reusable seamless solutions and transform existing manual reporting into actionable insights
  • Understand how Modern Excel maps into Power BI Desktop
  • Identify opportunities to use Excel & Power BI together
  • Integrate Excel & Power BI solutions into Microsoft Teams & SharePoint
microsoft excel analyst in a day
Microsoft Partner

DATE: Wednesday, March 30th

TIME: 9:00 am (CT)

WHERE: Online


Registration closes on Monday, March 28th, so make sure you get you and your team signed up before then!

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