Construction Company Optimizes a Rental Workflow with Salesforce

The Client

The client is a Texas-based construction company that has been in business since 1932. Regarded as one of the premier foundation contractors in the southern United States, they have extended their services globally, reaching Central and South America, and Europe. In addition to being a pioneer in drilled shaft foundation industry, they have a strong presence in equipment rentals and the sales area of the construction industry.

INDUSTRY: Commercial & Residential Construction / Equipment Rental

Key Challenges

As described in Phase 1 of this project, the rapid growth of our client over the past few years has caused difficulty scaling their systems and processes.

The equipment rental process was manual and paper based. The company relied on Excel spreadsheets and paper forms to manage equipment rentals and track invoices, resulting in significant inefficiencies and errors. The manual process made it difficult for the sales team to track equipment availability and reserve equipment for customers.

As a result, the company was losing potential revenue due to equipment unavailability and miscommunication with customers.

A solution to streamline the equipment rental workflow

After successfully streamlining the sales process in Phase 1 of the project, the following goals were defined to optimize the rental workflow in the second phase. This phase was critical for the success of the overall program because the rental transaction volume was 60% higher than the sales transactions.

Phase 2 Goals:

  • Enhance the rental process to increase transparency and accountability

  • Digitize the end-to-end rental process from quote to cash

  • Customize Salesforce to support ongoing rental billing, invoice generation, and rental returns

  • Develop processes and templates to generate documents to support the rental process

  • Support special customer pricing and equipment sales price calculation

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The Smartbridge Approach

We started by understanding the current rental process and identifying pain points. We worked with the client to develop a new process flow that would eliminate several manual steps in the rental process and integrate with the existing Salesforce CRM system.

Since the complete rental process was being built in Salesforce, it was imperative to include document generation to support the rental process. It was identified that we had to integrate with HCSS to get the equipment data into Salesforce.

The team customized the Salesforce platform to meet the customer’s needs, including creating custom objects, fields, layouts, workflows, and reports. The quote document, rental agreement, and bill of lading were electronically generated using Conga Composer.

Other systems included in Phase 2:

HCSS and Salesforce
Conga Composer for Salesforce


The modernization of the equipment rental process in Salesforce significantly impacted the client’s operations. The automation and streamlining of the rental process resulted in:

  • Increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved communication with customers.

  • The sales team could track equipment availability in real time and reserve equipment for customers, reducing the likelihood of equipment unavailability and lost revenue.

  • Improved the overall operations around the equipment rental and return process.

Beyond Salesforce

With Smartbridge, our capabilities serve to extend our Salesforce professional services. With teams specializing in Intelligent Automation, data & analytics and cloud modernization, Salesforce can do so much more. A comprehensive approach to integrating core business systems like Salesforce with Microsoft, Oracle, UiPath and others will provide clients with the frictionless customer experience requested of them.

Contact us to see how we can accelerate your Salesforce usage with integrations and automation.

Want to learn more about what we did for this construction company?

Get the eBook: Streamline Your Lead-to-Cash Process with Salesforce

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