Industry Expertise

Smartbridge has Salesforce expertise in a variety of industries which allows us to truly understand your business. On top of that, we are able to use our empathetic approach to recognize your industry’s pain points so we can create a custom solution or provide support just where you need it.


Salesforce can provide a collaborative environment for medical device & life sciences employees as well as deliver solutions to manage cases, accelerate innovations, and give sales and workers a 360-view of customers and patients.

Salesforce for Life Sciences
Salesforce for construction


Tracking and managing important project or bid information regarding customers, contractors, and investors can be difficult if not stored and shared correctly. Salesforce centralizes this data, accelerating projects from beginning to end, and giving construction companies the visibility they need.


Being able to know your customers like the back of your hand can be imperative to a restaurant’s success. With Salesforce, restaurants can gain insights into their guests and their journey with multiple solutions and programs that will ensure you are providing the service they are expecting.

Salesforce for Restaurants
Salesforce for energy industry


Salesforce gives energy companies a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey to marketing, sales, and service teams, so your business can deliver a connected experience. Add to that, Smartbridge’s 20+ years of experience delivering services in Houston’s Energy Corridor!


Salesforce can help the manufacturing industry accelerate the digitization of business processes and ease communication between dealers, distributors, and consumers.

Salesforce for Manufacturing
Salesforce for Public Sector


Salesforce has solutions to digitally transform the public sector while staying compliant with security regulations. By providing relevant data to customer service, sales, and field workers, Salesforce creates more efficient management and forecasting of their customers’ and residents’ needs.

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