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Own the Guest Relationship, Own the Market.

Investing in CRM and loyalty now ensures you are set-up to unify customer data and personalize the customer experience – all necessary endeavors to compete in this era of “the most innovative restaurant wins”.

59% of Restaurants Plan to Improve Digital Customer Engagement

Hospitality Technology’s 2022 Restaurant Technology Study


There are many choices for service, sales and marketing automation platforms. The 360° customer view for you to see the whole picture of the guest (and the guest to see you as one unified brand) is why Smartbridge recommends Salesforce for multi-unit restaurant brands.

Let’s take a look at the products that define Salesforce:

of restaurants plan to upgrade their CRM this year.


Bird’s eye view of your guests with a single source of truth.

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Combine loyalty programs with marketing campaigns – automation with a personal touch!

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Field service ticket management for your stores and ghost kitchens!

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Build mobile-ready apps for guests, employees, or franchisees to extend the platform to meet your needs.

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Salesforce + Loyalty Programs

  • Use loyalty programs in conjunction with marketing campaigns to increase retention and brand loyalty.


Studies have found that it’s at least six times more expensive for businesses to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.

That’s why investing in customer loyalty programs — and the digital technology and platforms to support them — is a growing priority.

Loyalty programs use the guest interactions, spend, frequency, preferences etc. to provide incentives and discounts which result in the likelihood of the customer becoming a regular, or even a brand promoter.

Franchise Management

  • Manage the full life-cycle of a franchise – from store openings and remodels to monitoring and measuring store performance.


Franchises are a necessary component of a brand’s growth strategy. But when franchises are not truly integrated, the store’s performance is at stake and the guests will know the difference.

Create a collaborative, connected process and team all the way from identifying the franchisees, to the construction team and the operation team. Stores open on time, issues are avoided and a central information repository is created.

Expand your franchise management services within Salesforce Service Cloud with a help desk for all support types and keep up with franchisee expectations.

Marketing Campaigns

  • Send personalized coupons, discounts and LTOs through emails, SMS and web with automated workflows triggered by customer behaviors.


Create targeted campaigns based on a 360 degree view of the customer to increase the effectiveness of your marketing dollars spent.

Define better journeys based on unified customer profile data – pulling in SKU data from POS, third-party ordering and more.

Create a feedback loop from the campaigns to enrich customer data being captured from the interactions.

Customer Engagement

  • Harvest customer data from omni-channel ordering – from mobile to online, to in-store kiosks.


Providing an exceptional personalized guest experience while obliging with all the data privacy regulations can be challenging. Omni-channel order management is a growing POS “must-have”, as customer data becomes more widespread across various platforms, prompting varied customer experiences and expectations.

Integrating Salesforce CRM with your POS data ensures your ability to act on personalized marketing campaigns and loyalty programs (see above!).

Customer Service (for Guests & Stores)

  • Engage and resolve issues rapidly, whether with guests or stores/franchisees.


Managing cases within Salesforce Service Cloud ensures you have all the customer data to make the right decision quickly.

For stores or franchisees:

  • Field service ticket management can reduce the impact to store operations.
  • Technicians can create work orders from the job and manage jobs from mobile devices.
  • Technicians can be motivated to increase first-time fix rates through visibility into KPIs.
  • Manage scheduled inspections.

For guest services:

  • The customer care team can focus on addressing customer issues as quickly as possible, in the channel preferred by the customer based on previous interactions and Customer 360 data.
  • Invite feedback on service, food quality and store ambience/cleanliness by integrating customer feedback forms from website, mobile, or social media.

Smartbridge + Salesforce CRM for Restaurants

  • Integrate Salesforce with your core processes to create a single source of truth and unification of customer data.

  • Personalize outreach with automated promotional messages and loyalty program offerings.

  • Achieve goals to improve your omni-channel and off-premise strategy.
  • Manage franchisees, store operations and guest issues by incorporating customer service with CRM.

Smartbridge provides implementation and support services for your restaurant’s Salesforce solution.

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