Construction Company Streamlines Equipment Sales Workflow with Salesforce

The Client

The client is a Texas-based construction company that has been in business since 1932. Regarded as one of the premier foundation contractors in the southern United States, they have extended their services globally, reaching Central and South America, and Europe. In addition to being a pioneer in drilled shaft foundation industry, they have a strong presence in equipment rentals and the sales area of the construction industry.

INDUSTRY: Commercial & Residential Construction / Equipment Rental

Key Challenges

The client’s rentals and sales business has significantly grown over the past couple of years to 30% of the overall revenue.

Their rapid growth has caused difficulty scaling with their current systems and processes, which are characteristic of large organizations. In fact, the processes and systems supporting this part of the business are manual and are not equipped to support the long-term business objectives.

All the leads and orders were captured via emails and tracked in spreadsheets. This method of lead intake and information capture posed challenges with data visibility and accountability.

Here is just a sampling of some of the key challenges uncovered during the assessment.

  • Sales:  lack of visibility into price lists, inventory and order statuses

  • Management:  lost revenue due to missing items on invoices, lack of proper reporting, heavy reliance on email

  • Billing:  reliance on spreadsheets, manual inefficiencies that overwhelm staff

  • Warehouse:  equipment is not properly and quickly tracked, and processes are not followed uniformly

  • Operations:  lack of training creates extra work for Foremen and standardizing against processes is not occuring

  • Customer:  Delays from all these issues impact their experience and order fulfillment times

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The Smartbridge Solution

Discovery & Roadmap

Smartbridge completed an assessment of the current systems and processes. The results were a staggering list of widespread impacts across sales, management, billing, warehouse, operations, and the customer, as you can see above.

Smartbridge then defined a roadmap with 30 opportunities for modernization by leveraging Salesforce and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)-based solutions. The construction side of the business was already using Salesforce, so a Salesforce-based solution to streamline the rest of the business made the best sense for the customer.

It was determined that the solution would be deployed in three phases, the first one focusing on the sales order process and rental order intake.

Other systems included in Phase 1:

HCSS Equipment360
HCSS Dispatcher

Deploy a solution to streamline the equipment sales workflow

In Phase 1, the Smartbridge team worked with the client and conducted design workshops to understand their sales and rental process and defined the phase goals.

Addressing these three goals first would accomplish 9 of the 30 high value opportunities identified during the assessment.


  • Create visibility and accountability for Sales

  • Implement the sales workflow end-to-end

  • Tackle the inefficiencies in the intake process for rentals

After defining the phase goals, the Smartbridge team developed Salesforce functionality to streamline the equipment sales workflow. This phase focused on implementing the process for lead intake, lead conversion, and the entire Sales process.


  • Reduced inefficiencies with reduction of emails

  • Improved visibility for the sales team

  • Prepared the team to scale the business

  • Improved customer & employee experiences

  • Improved ownership and accountability of the team

Smartbridge will continue the Salesforce optimizations in future phases. These include addressing objectives around process efficiencies, workflow and integration, and wrapping up with automation & reporting.

Beyond Salesforce

With Smartbridge, our capabilities serve to extend our Salesforce professional services. With teams specializing in Intelligent Automation, data & analytics and cloud modernization, Salesforce can do so much more. A comprehensive approach to integrating core business systems like Salesforce with Microsoft, Oracle, UiPath and others will provide clients with the frictionless customer experience requested of them.

Contact us to see how we can accelerate your Salesforce usage with integrations and automation.

Want to learn more about what we did for this construction company?

Get the eBook: Streamline Your Lead-to-Cash Process with Salesforce

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