Salesforce’s Lightning Platform provides the tools to automate your business processes, integrate with external applications, and deliver completely custom user interfaces when necessary. With a mix of low-code and coded tools, the lightning platform is built to scale to your needs.

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Customizing business logic has never been easier. Build complete applications without writing a line of code. For more complex problems Apex is a coding language that can build complete custom solutions in the cloud, integrate with APIs, and overhaul any standard user interface.


A revolutionary framework for designing components using Apex and JavaScript. Components can be easily embedded in all areas of your Salesforce organization from Lightning pages, utility bars, and mobile apps.


Opt for Salesforce Connect and a no-code integration or use available SOAP and REST API’s for specific integration needs. Tools like Salesforce DX and Salesforce CLI make it easy for developers to work together on code pushes and change management.

Declarative Programming in Salesforce – The Power of “Clicks Not Code”

Declarative Programming in Salesforce – The Power of “Clicks Not Code”

In this article, we’ll explain how you can program without knowing a programming language with Salesforce’s “Clicks Not Code” in their Lightning Flow Builder tool.

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